The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

Streamline, Simplify, and Elevate: Discover the Latest Enhancements in DTE V5.5

December 13, 2023, 1:00 PM ET and 1:00 PM UTC

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we unveil the latest and greatest enhancements in DTE V5.5, the driving force behind our entire solution portfolio. DTE V5.5 delivers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and performance to simplify and streamline your document production. With its innovative new features and performance improvements, DTE V5.5 will help you:

  1. Streamline document production workflows with SmartSetup 2.1 enhancements
  2. Securely send and receive sensitive documents with the new PRO Lockdown utility
  3. Ensure that your documents meet color contrast accessibility standards with AccessibilityNow® Validator enhancements
  4. Expand and streamline accessibility compliance assessment and remediations with new AccessibililityNow® DocMD integrations to Learning Management Systems, document repositories and Google Analytics
  5. And much more!

Whether you’re looking to improve your document production efficiency, maintain compliance, or create accessible communications, DTE V5.5 has the tools you need.

Register today for this informative webinar and discover how DTE V5.5 can elevate your document production.

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