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Not All Accessible Documents Are Usable

March 9, 2023, 1:00 PM ET

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities related to making system generated, high-volume documents, otherwise known as “transactional documents”, accessible at scale. Workflows to remediate transactional documents, which are highly variable from a data perspective, but also uniform from a layout perspective – i.e., bank statements, explanations of benefits, invoices, pay stubs, transcripts, tuition bills, tax bills, etc. – are ideal candidates for automated remediation and quality assurance.

In addition to presenting a real-world enterprise use case for high-volume transactional document remediation, the session will also compare different approaches to automated remediation and their respective impacts on both compliance and usability.

The session will also outline three distinct ways in which automated testing at scale can help ensure compliance and usability:

    • AI assisted remediation template development
    • Automated validation workflows
    • Automated regression testing of remediation templates

Finally, the session will share best practices that the Crawford Technologies’ organization has learned in working with enterprises and large organizations to enable automated high-volume transactional document remediation at scale.


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