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Document Security: Address the Gaps in Your Output Production Workflow

February 1, 2023, 1:00 PM ET

Files like statements, invoices, Explanations of Benefits (EOBs), etc. contain Personal Private Information (PPI) and Personal Health Information (PHI). Both industry standards and government ruling protect this information. So, breach or unauthorized release can — and does — result in bad publicity, legal action, and significant fines. Do your security procedures consider these production print files?

Page level encryption provides big advantages for document processing applications. With it, you can encrypt and decrypt each individual page of a document independently. This results in performance benefits across both processes. Additionally, you can encrypt each page with a different key. Thus, providing an even higher level of security.

This is where tools like CrawfordTech’s PRO Lockdown make a big impact. These tools let you ‘lock down’ production output files both in-transit and at-rest. This is especially important during file movement. PRO Lockdown secures your customer’s private data throughout communications processing — from document creation through production.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about securing your documents at every stage of life.


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