The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.

Cloud Showcase

April 27, 2022, 1:00 PM ET

Xplor member organizations are moving to cloud-based solutions for Customer Communication Management (CCM).  Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why they are now moving to cloud based CCM solutions
  • What tangible business benefits organizations are receiving by moving their CCM applications to the cloud.
  • How you can quickly deploy cloud based CCM applications to improve operational productivity, efficiency and security.

Ernie Crawford, CEO and founder of Crawford Technologies, along with Adam Armstrong, Harvey Gross, and a speaker from Smart Communications will explain how cloud-based CCM solutions are more secure than on-premises deployments and show CCM applications and operations that are running in the cloud:

  • Workflow management
  • Pre-composition data management
  • Document Composition
  • Pre-Press
  • Post-composition document enhancement
  • Postal Optimization
  • Document Accessibility
  • Document Integrity
  • Quality Assurance


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