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Vodafone Consolidates Archives and Upgrades


Vodafone Group Plc is the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States. Vodafone Spain needed to migrate multiple legacy archive solution, consolidate information from four existing archives into one unified repository, and migrate 5 years of history, including over 5 million printed statements and 2.5 million XML renditions with 30 different types of customer communications.

The Challenge

Vodafone Spain is part of Vodafone’s European operations and provides services to over 13 million commercial and residential customers. Vodafone Spain began an initiative to “Optimize the customer billing information process”. The business case called for consolidation of multiple legacy silos and overall reduction in information management expense during the post-billing process. Multiple archive solutions were all used by Vodafone, so the new solution would need to consolidate the information from all existing archives into one unified repository.

The Solution

Vodafone Spain needed to migrate an archive containing 5 years of history including some 30 different types of customer communication in PDF and XML formats. The solution consisted of the following:

The OpenText™ Documentum™ platform was chosen as the platform for managing content, including AFP print streams, XML bill renditions, and database extracts.

  • Crawford Technologies PRO Archiver was chosen to provide the infrastructure for high volume eDelivery of customer communications from the Documentum repository.
  • Dell EMC Centera was already being used by Vodafone for statement archiving and benefited from close integration to Documentum through Content Storage Services. Documentum’s close integration ensured the solution could benefit from ILM strategies for unstructured information.
  • An extensive consulting and services engagement was planned which provided for several implementation streams including day forward archiving for AFP, day forward archiving for XML, IXOS archive migration, SAP archiving and integration with billing systems.


Vodafone captures AFP spool files for printing from mainframe systems, which are now archived as PDF. Vodafone migrated away from legacy archive technologies to EMC Documentum, the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform and CrawfordTech PRO Archiver creating a unified archive infrastructure integrated with back-end EMC Centera storage.

This infrastructure enables statements and bills to be displayed through internal enterprise systems and via public web portals.

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