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Vodafone Unitymedia Improves Customer Service and Provides Online Access


Vodafone Unitymedia is an internet, cable television, mobile and fixed line telephone service provider providing services to over 8 million households in Germany.

The Challenge

The expansion of Vodafone Unitymedia’s business through acquisition meant that an increasing customer base needed better access to customer services. In particular Vodafone Unitymedia needed to continue to meet existing SLA targets for customer services with an increased volume calls and enquiries. Vodafone Unitymedia needed correspondence sent to customers to be available to call center staff to assist with enquiries but also through online customer portals so that customer could benefit from online access to statements.


Vodafone Unitymedia chose Crawford Technologies PRO Archiver and the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform to provide an integrated Enterprise Content Management solution, which archives all customer correspondence including invoices statements and marketing letters.

The CrawfordTech PRO Archiver customer communications archiving application takes PDF files from the print service provider and extracts meta-data from the files before storing in Documentum. The documents stored in the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform are available to both call centre staff as well as customers through an online portal.


Vodafone Unitymedia selected Crawford Technologies PRO Archiver and the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform to provide a centralized customer communications archiving solution. Call center service staff have timely access to all customer correspondence, which allows them to handle enquiries quicker. And customers have access to all bills, statements and correspondence through online self-service portals.

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