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An Insurance Company goes Online


One of the most effective ROI tools for insurance companies today is online content delivery. Reducing print and mailing costs while providing end-users with an improved experience has driven insurance companies of all sizes in developing strategies for customer facing online content.

The Challenge

For many smaller companies, the resource requirements and the total cost to implement online delivery seem out of reach. That was the case with a medium size insurance company in the U.S.

They had defined a two part initiative to improve customer correspondence. The first part focused on upgrading their current production print facility with newer color production printers. The second part included the addition of web based content management for better interaction with clients. Their goal was to improve customer correspondence with the addition of color while providing agents and customers with online access to vital information.

A major hurdle for this insurance company was that policy generation was done in COBOL within an older operating environment. This meant that adding online delivery would require that they migrate to a more modern OS and policy generation application. The costs could be astronomical.

The Solution

Using Crawford Technologies’ transforms and DataPrep, the insurance provider simply added intelligent transformation technology to their existing workflows. Legacy/host print data is received and transformed to either PostScript or PDF. During the transformation to PostScript color commands are added based on unique identifiers within the data. The newly generated PostScript is then spooled to the Xerox print devices for output. The PDFs are split into sub-documents and then automatically delivered to specified load folders and placed onto a secure online portal for customer access.


The “lights out” solution was implemented in less than a month, and with minimal costly IT expenditures. The insurance company can now deliver customer communications
in color and over an online portal through a highly automated process. They have reduced their costs, improved customer service, and offered their customers more – an unbeatable combination.

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