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An Insurance Company Automates Claims Processing


This large global insurance company offers a range of services, including property, casualty and life insurance, to individuals and businesses throughout the world. Content is stored and managed in an IBM Case Manager Repository, and they produce and deliver print and email statements, policies, claims documents and other material in high volume – dealing with several hundred thousand claims and related documents on a daily basis.

The Challenge

The company needed to automate their claims processing process and continue to support output to e-presentment and print. The information in their ECM repository came from a variety of sources, and was in multiple formats, so it needed to be consolidated and assembled for more effcient case management, distribution and output.

The Solution

With CrawfordTech’s Riptide Server®, the insurance company added highly scalable intelligent transformation technology while managing the consolidation, assembly and output of disparate documents needed to manage and process claims. Data within the ECM repository is queried, viewed, collected, and automatically converted to PostScript® for print, or delivered to their e-presentment system for email. The resultant document bundles are also retained in PDF/A for archiving back into their Case Manager repository in a seamless auditable process.

The Results

This enterprise-class solution extends the capabilities of the Case Manager system to automate and simplify the process of collecting and outputting document bundles. With reduced manual processes, they have saved money and improved customer service.

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