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An In-Plant Standardizes Operations


This large state has a centralized in-plant operation that provides print and mailing services for multiple departments and agencies. They wanted to consolidate and automate processes to improve turnaround time and reduce errors.


With virtually no standardization, the in-plant was dealing with a number of different incoming print stream formats, including AFP, PDF and LCDS. Delays in processing and mailing were resulting in missing department driven SLA’s and, because customers were not receiving notices and bills in a timely fashion, delayed receipt of payments. They needed to accommodate all formats, convert to AFP, and integrate with their existing workflow system.


CrawfordTech print stream transforms and Operations Express were implemented and integrated with their existing workflow and systems, resulting in an end-to- end automated workflow. The Crawford Technologies software was installed on a centralized server to provide better access for the staff.

The new workflow is initiated when files and data are received by the in-plant operation. MRDF files are used to identify page and document components and to create standard document controls, including barcode content and location, sequence numbers for window envelopes, and determination of reprints, manual repairs, and damaged returns.

Selective changes and enhancements to incoming print streams include:

  • Removing and adding barcodes for inserters and postal optimization
  • Address block extraction and/or repositioning
  • Assessment of job list profile to determine processing
  • Creation of banner pages for setups and controls
  • Conversion and normalization of print streams to AFP containing TLE records with metadata
  • Creation of final output file with new factory controls and MRDF record

The CrawfordTech solution supports the ability to act on any content on the page, and to send emails updating operators with status on errors and job completion. The reprint process has been automated, with jobs remaining active until all reprints have been completed. All jobs, logs, MRDF files and information are zipped and compressed to facilitate tracking and production analysis.


Using a phased approach, the state has introduced the new workflow to two departments and has seen service levels and customer satisfaction improve. Because the process for submitting jobs has not changed, adaption has been smooth and straightforward. They are looking forward to onboarding additional departments and view the CrawfordTech solutions as providing a solid foundation for future growth.

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