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An Australian Print Service Provider Incorporates Transpromo Marketing


Print Service Providers throughout the world today face multiple challenges in maintaining a competitive edge that will ensure customer loyalty and drive new business. They have to meet their customers’ needs, guarantee exceptional service and turnaround, and keep their costs competitive. To do this, a PSP’s internal processes must be as efficient as possible, but they must also pro-actively add new services and applications that will help them expand into new markets, while delivering additional value to their existing customer base.

The Challenge

A large print provider in Australia servicing financial services customers needed a solution that would help them strengthen an existing relationship. Their goals were to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with this client, and develop a new service that could be offered to other accounts. They knew that their customer’s resources were already stretched thin, and that any additional cost had to be minimal, and be supported by a well-defined ROI. Therefore, the PSP had to come up with a solution that would be simple, but cost effective.

The Solution

The PSP decided that they could provide significant value to their financial services client by adding marketing messaging onto each customer’s monthly credit card statement, and that this could be done by taking advantage of existing white space to automatically insert relevant content based on specific information such as their purchasing history, loyalty point thresholds, address, and other demographic data.

The print provider worked with Crawford Technologies to develop a workflow that incorporates a two pass approach:

  • In the first determination pass, key information from each statement is determined, including name, address, account number, and the location and size of available white space.
  • In the second execution pass, an external process determines the best offers based upon the information defined in the first pass. Appropriate images residing within an image repository are identified for size and relevancy for each statement.
  • PRO Transform Plus then automatically places images on the correct pages for each statement, ensuring that extra pages that might affect postage costs are not inserted.
  • TLEs are also added to the print file for audit and reconciliation purposes.
  • Output is automatically created for both print and digital channels.

The Results

The project was low cost, straightforward to implement, and had a very rapid time to market — a total of 8 weeks, including 6 weeks of testing.

Since the originating data contained the information needed to insert marketing messages, the PSP was able to provide effective transpromotional statements for their financial services client with minimal customer effort.

The customer was able to reap the benefits of transpromo communications, gaining additional business for themselves and partnering companies based on specific offers and messages embedded into their customer communications.

For the print service provider, they not only had a happy and loyal customer, but the expertise and solution they now had allowed them to extend transpromo capabilities to other accounts, allowing them to grow their business and their profits.

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