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A Shipping Port Authority Automates Invoices with Riptide®


A Northeast Port Authority uses IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) to assemble invoices for printing, emailing and faxing. Two main systems feed documents into the CMOD repository. The first is SAP that generates a summary invoice. The second is Navis Express, which generates detailed accounts of shipments and storage.

The Challenge

The Port Authority’s main requirement was to be able to use their existing business rules or work queues within IBM CMOD framework to deliver assembled invoice packets to customers for payments.


Using IBM’s business processes, a request is generated and passed to CrawfordTech’s Riptide document consolidation and distribution engine. Riptide receives the request and assembles the summary and detailed content that makes-up an invoice. The invoice packet is spooled within Riptide and distributed to various departmental printers and fax servers throughout the state. In addition to distributing the job, a cover page containing time/date stamp, job submitter, number of pages and target output device is added to the job for better sorting and handling. As an added benefit, Riptide provides output management capabilities such as re-prints, load balancing and notifications.


The completed solution has provided the Port Authority with an automated invoice generation solution that eliminates manual processes and the overhead associated with these processes. With increased efficiencies, they have also reduced the time required to produce and deliver the invoices, so are benefiting from receiving customer payment more quickly after the service is rendered.

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