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A Financial Services Firm Upgrades CrawfordTech PRO Archiver


This large financial group offers a range of services, including wealth management, life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, personal services and business services. With more than 7 million customers, they employ close to 50,000 people in multiple locations. As part of a wide ranging business initiative, the financial services company adopted the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform for all legal, regulatory and business documents. As part of this unified content platform initiative an existing IBM FileNet P8 system was migrated to the new platform.

The Challenge

A critical requirement was for the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform to archive the high volume business reports and customer communications generated as text reports by line of business systems. The company had over 250 different types of reports and over one billion documents that required archiving and records management. Some report batches contained over 400,000 individual documents.

As part of an upgrade the financial services company needed to upgrade the existing Documentum Archive Services for Reports application to CrawfordTech PRO Archiver.

In addition the new solution needed to support the no-burst storage model that had been implemented. This allowed large batches to be stored efficiently, but supported the indexing and retrieval of individual documents through standard Documentum APIs and user interfaces.


The company was running the Documentum Archive Services for Reports in a multi-node processing setup, which allowed them to transform, index and ingest data into Documentum concurrently. During the FileNet migration as many as 80 nodes were used to ingest legacy content. However, normal business operations used between 10 and 15 nodes with 20 at peak periods such as end of month.

The financial services company selected PRO Archiver as their upgrade path because it provided a seamless and low impact solution, while remaining compatible with current Documentum product versions. PRO Archiver was also able to support their high volume multi-node configuration.


PRO Archiver for the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform provides the key enabling technology for converting and indexing text print streams into PDF for archiving purposes.

Staff members have access to statements via secure online portals which are accessed thousands of times each day, eliminating the need to print and distribute document internally. Nearly 8 million new documents are added to the archive daily and the archive monthly and the archive contains a billion records.

The combined CrawfordTech PRO Archiver and OpenText™ Documentum™ platform solution ensures that business critical reports and customer communications are available to call center staff, to help answer customer enquiries and deliver efficient business services.

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