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A Financial Company Migrates its Archive and Increases Security


This company is a large multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the Unites States and best known for its credit card and charge card businesses. A UK based division provides global services, including customer communications archiving and e-presentment services to the entire organization. These platforms are used by worldwide staff to access customer correspondence, and directly by customers through secure online portals.

The Challenge

As part of an ongoing review of IT strategy, the company evaluated the functionality and cost effectiveness of an existing Systemware solution for customer communication archiving and e-presentment hosted on two zOS mainframes. As a result of this review, they decided to replace the Systemware archive with a new platform based on EMC InfoArchive and CrawfordTech PRO Archiver products.

As a credit card processor, the company was subject to PCI data protection rules, so they needed to ensure that sensitive customer data is protected when transmitting and accessing files.

The Solution

EMC InfoArchive was selected as the company’s next generation archive platform, and Crawford Technologies’ PRO Archiver for InfoArchive was selected as the print stream transformation, indexing and ingestion engine to pump mainframe reports into the new archive. CrawfordTech permits AFP print streams to be stored natively in InfoArchive for compliance purposes and provides fast, efficient conversion into PDF and PDF/A on-demand when documents are retrieved. This includes the ability to redact documents when viewed by customer service agents.

CrawfordTech’s PRO Lockdown was implemented to encrypt customer data when sending files to other locations or to an outside print provider. With PRO Lockdown pages can be encrypted and decrypted independent of other pages, guaranteeing security through the entire document management and production process.

From a number of integration methods, the customer chose to quickly and easily implement these solutions using CrawfordTech’s powerful Java API within Linux containers. This simple and robust integration delivered on the organization’s requirements for scalability, throughput, security and compliance across the organization.

As part of the implementation of these new services, the financial services organization engaged Crawford Technologies to provide expert services to support the implementation of PRO Archiver for InfoArchive. They worked closely with EMC and company resources to migrate the archive without disrupting ongoing processes.


The company selected EMC and CrawfordTech’s solution because they understood that InfoArchive could not only support the short-term report archiving requirements but would also support long term application decommissioning and structured data archiving requirements. Ultimately, the solution save money because reports and statements do not need to be printed and posted, but instead are digitized and distributed to consumers via web portals and mobile devices. In particular, the new solutions replace legacy archive software and systems infrastructure based on IBM mainframe technology.

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