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ProPcl Interpreter

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Override page ejects when selecting paper source that is already active (most printers do not ignore subsequent selects)

A configuration setting: URM999=[YES|NO] has been added to ignore paper select commands under the following conditions:

1. The job must be duplexing, as a result of a Set Duplex command (either esc/&/l/1/S or esc/&/l/2/S command sequence).

2. The Select paper Source command must be present after the front side has been completed (Form Feed command received for the front image), but prior to the Form Feed for the back side. Or, I suppose, if were only going to be imaging the back side of a sheet, as the result of a Duplex Page BackSide Selection command (esc/&/A/2/G)

3. The Select Paper Source command must reference the same paper source as is already in effect.

Setting the value to YES (default is NO) will enable this behavior).

21/01/2010 Added ALL to URM999 setting to allow step 3 to ignore ALL paper source commands.

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