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Regression Cleanup, PCL=>PDFA
Resolves: "Real value out of range (too low)" issue, (see notes)
in cases we have a font of Italic type, which has the Italic angle embedded in the glyphes, pTtPostScript->italicAngle will contain a too big/small value. This value represents degrees from the vertical (counterclockwise), of the dominant vertical strokes of the font. A reasonable value shoulb be in [-180, 180] range. However, in cases italic angle is already embedded in glyphes, italicAngle value will not effect the way the text will appear. In those cases pTtPostScript->italicAngle got unreasonable vasles (e.g. -1070399) probably due to noninitialized memory. Therefore, if italicAngle value gets those unreasonable values, those will be zero-out. The reasonable rangle will be [-1000, 1000], as in some cases angles can be in [-720, 720] range

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