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Added two parameter value keyword as 'REVERSED' and 'ORIGINAL' for PageSequence parameter in SORT/SEQUENCE command.

When you want the sorted subdocument to has the same page order of the original document, PageSequence should be set to 'ORIGINAL', otherwise, it should be set to 'REVERSED'. If PageSequence is not set explicitly in SORT/SEQUENCE command , the it will be set to 'ORIGINAL' by default.

From this change on, 'FIRSTTOLAST' and 'LASTTOFIRST' are deprecated, and for the prupose of backwrd compatibility, they are still treated as valid value of PageSequence, but using them is discouraged, instead, 'REVERSED' or 'ORIGINAL' should be used.

If you want to change the previous index command file (icf) to repalce the old PageSequence parameter with the new choice, just replace 'FISTTOLAST' with 'REVERSED' and 'LASTTOFIRST' with 'ORIGINAL'.

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