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PRO Workflow Server
PRO WorkFlow Server


Fixed issue when running PRO Transform Manager/PRO WorkFlow Server in multhreading mode.

When working in multithreading environment, you need to specify the working directory of PMTM/PRO WorkFlow Server.
For each worker threads, PMTM/PRO WorkFlow server creates a unqiue sub-directory under its working directory as this worker thread's working directory.
When transformming a job, PMTM/PRO WorkFlow Server passes the hosted worker thread's working directory as system environment variable 'WORKDIR' to the transformer process, so WORKDIR could be used in the transformer's config file, so the config file could be shared by multiple worker threads.

For example, you can set IMAGETMPDIR=%WORKDIR% in a proafp config file the worklist file.

You can choose the Working Directory for PMTM/PRO WorkFlow Server from running pmtmcfg.

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