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PRO Document Enhancer


Expanded Pro Document Enhancer's FILTER command to filter selected subdocuments if given trigger has been fired on any page of these subdocuments.

This new feature could also be used together with script function Trigger.set(triggername) to delete specific sub documents based on partial of a field.

For example:
trigger name=FormID_trigger,source=TLE,mode=fapa,value=e'Form ID';
field name=FormID,source=TLE,mode=fapa,type=ebcdic,length=40,trigger=FormID_trigger,trim=RIGHT,script=KeepOnlyPNST( FormID );
trigger name=keepit,mode=fapa;
FILTER name=keepgoodones,type=subdocuments,mode=SELECT,trigger=keepit;

Please be notified that when trigger and field are both defined in FILTER command when type is SUBDOCUMENTS, then either the trigger fired or the field occur in this sub-document will start the filting action.

Since we can now filter subdocuments on condition of a trigger, in most case we do not need to define filed parameter in FILTER command statement any more.

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