APIs, Integrations and Micro Services

Powerful APIs and Web Services for Customer Communications

enPower and its foundation of APIs and Web Services was built by developers for developers.  They are simple by design, easy to use, and long-lasting.

The largest print service providers, financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare payers & providers, and government institutions rely on Crawford Technologies enPower APIs and Web Services to build their own Cloud platforms, coordinate their Automated Document Factories (ADFs), integrate their content archives, and transform their customer communications into mobile-ready and accessible formats for the blind and partially sighted.

The world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrator used enPower APIs and Web Services to build and integrate their own ADF to handle billions of documents per year.
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enPower APIs and Web Services are used in the Cloud, on-premises and anywhere developers need to quickly integrate systems and applications to automate workflows and output customer communications.

A forward-thinking financial services company used enPower APIs and Web Services to build its own private Cloud platform to manipulate hundreds of millions of PDFs at scale.
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enPower standardizes and scales best practices, security, and compliance across the organization.

One of the world’s largest credit card providers deployed enPower APIs and Web Services to receive AFP files, transform them to PDF, reduce the size by 90%, encrypt to 256-bit encryption, and then output in seconds.

enPower APIs and Web Services

PRO Developer SDK

The development environment for creating applications that use the PRO low-code API

PRO Dynamic Document API

Used to extract data from print files, transform or create in different print formats

PRO Dynamic Document Archive API

Archives, secures and retrieves print stream files

PRO Mail Tracker API

Individual mail piece tracking enabled by USPS IMB

PRO Unique ID Manager API

Enable mail tracking applications to obtain, reserve and lock unique IDs required by USPS

Sunrise API

Used to integrate with archives to create real-time custom, multi-threaded, content transformations

CCM Gateway API

Captures, transforms and stores line report data and print streams for Microsoft SharePoint, Hyland Alfresco and Nuxeo