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Crawford Technologies is a recognized leader in providing powerful solutions to enable and augment transactional document management. Our whitepapers and reports give you a more complete assessment of important market trends, and how our products address industry challenges and opportunities.

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Whether you send via print or digital channels, your documents need to be accessible. This includes invoices, general correspondence, reports, and more. Document accessibility and usability must be at the forefront.
By implementing cloud security best practice guidelines, Crawford Technologies has implemented proper security measures providing 'best-of-breed' security practices with 'world-class' services customers can depend on.
Workflow Automation & Multi-Channel delivery of critical customer communications for a Large US Financial Services company.
Madison Advisors takes a look at the importance of managing increasingly granular customer channel preferences.
In this third and final part of our series, we discuss what the benefits of an ADF can be, and provide recommendations for making a decision.
In this second white paper of a three part series, we discuss why you might want to consider an ADF, and how one can help your business.
The first of a three part series, this white paper takes a look at automated document factories and reviews what providers should look for when considering an ADF.
In this white paper, we discuss the pros and cons of creating accessible documents during the composition process vs. post composition
In this white paper we look at how organizations today must use information in new and more profitable ways, extending the value and impact beyond isolated technologies and siloed processes to transform business workflows.
Although PDF has become the industry standard for electronic communications, document integrity and security can be a challenge. In this white paper, we discuss what can be done to enhance the security of digital documents.
This white paper examines how Content Services Systems can be extended for better document management, distribution and output.
We take a look at the potential value of dark data, and discuss how you can  retrieve and analyze customer communications to boost business intelligence and improve information governance.
In this white paper, we discuss the factors that should be considered when migrating your archive, how to make content management systems be more agile and effective, and review best practices for archive migrations.
With our MasterOne architecture, underlying all of CrawfordTech's accessibility solutions, we make it easier than ever to provide accessible documents since a single set-up will support all accessible formats. This white paper explains how it works and what the benefits are.
In this white paper we review the Accessible PDF format, and discuss benefits of providing this format as well as the underlying setup.
There are many challenges in achieving efficient automated quality assurance testing for Customer Customer Communications Management software. In this white paper, we outline the numerous factors that must be considered.
In this white paper, we review how you can transform your business into a more agile, responsive and effective organization. We include recommendations along with summaries of real-life customer stories.
This white paper describes how the data in your documents and your archives can help you be more productive and help you offer valuable services to your customers.
This paper outlines 10 ways that document reengineering can increase productivity, automate processes, save money, and give you easy tools to deliver more value to your customers.
This white paper takes a closer look at the many factors to consider when moving to Inkjet equipment, and provides specific recommendations and guidelines for ensuring a smooth migration.
This white paper offers strategies and best practices when migrating to inkjet that will result in increased profits and delivery more to your customers.