September 19, 2018 1:00 pm ET

The Work Behind the Workflow – Why Integrations are the Key to Success There’s no question that having an automated workflow is a critical driver of business success. Not only will it maximize efficiency, reduce errors and increase throughput, but streamlining production will directly impact your bottom line – increasing profits while allowing you to expand your business.

But how do you connect all the pieces? You’re not starting with a clean slate, and undoubtedly already have equipment and systems from a variety of vendors. How do you get them to work together within your existing infrastructure to create an end-to-end workflow that you can rely on and that will deliver ROI?

Join Crawford Technologies CEO and President Ernie Crawford, M-EDP and Product Marketing Manager, Stephanie Pieruccini for a lively and informative discussion of how integrations are the backbone of successful automated production workflows. They’ll provide best practice guidelines, highlight a few real-life customer stories, and conclude with a roadmap for success.