April 11, 2018 1:00 pm ET

Document Accessibility Webinars

We all know how important it is to deliver accessible documents to your blind and partially-sighted clients. However, the biggest roadblock to creating and delivering accessible documents is the time and skill traditionally required to tag a document for accessibility. It can literally take days, or even weeks, to add the proper tags to create an Accessible PDF file – a process that is costly and makes it difficult to deliver timely communications.

Join CrawfordTech for a webinar on how document tagging can be completely automated. We will take a look at what processes are suitable for different document and file types, and discuss Auto Tagger for Accessibility, our revolutionary solution for completely automating the tagging of published and office documents, and this year’s Xplor Technology of the Year recipient. The session will conclude with a demonstration of www.accessibilitynow.com, a secure e-commerce site that makes it easier than ever to order, pay for and receive Accessible PDF files.