August 28, 2019 1:00 pm ET

Document Accessibility Webinars

Accessibility regulations are constantly changing, becoming stricter and being enforced now more than ever. If you are not compliant, you are leaving your organization exposed to lawsuits and costly consequences. Meeting Accessibility requirements does not have to be costly or time consuming, but it does need to be addressed. Dealing with the accessibility of high-volume transactional documents, static documents of all types, or both, can be confusing and overwhelming, not to mention worrisome as the alternative can lead to legal repercussions. You need a solution that will fit your situation and environment and adjust to the constant changes within it.

Join us for a presentation on our Accessibility solutions. We will cover:
• How to take on your legislative responsibilities instead of being sued and avoid financial consequences.
• What you need to know about current Accessibility regulations in order to stay ahead of the game and maintain validity, saving you time and money.
• Strategies to quickly achieve Accessibility compliance and usability, regardless of the type of documents with which you deal on a daily basis.
• How to get your organization to meet the necessary accessibility goals and future-proof your accessibility compliance programs.