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Crawford Technologies solutions are used by customers throughout the world to expand their businesses, solve problems, and reduce costs. Our customer base includes seven of the top ten U.S. banks, thirteen of the top U.S. insurance companies, and five of the world’s top ten car manufacturers.

Learn more about how our customers have successfully used CrawfordTech products, on their own, as well as in conjunction with partner solutions.

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Wright Business Graphics, a leading West Coast print supplier, turned to Crawford Technologies help them meet aggressive SLAs with their complex PDF processing. See how they leveraged PDF Accelerator and Operations Express for high performance results and reduced processing times by 60%.

Understand the steps this financial services company took to improve customer satisfaction by delivering documents and information using the method that their customers prefer.

See how a major financial institution modernized it’s document distribution and archive systems to take advantage of current technology and improved both internal and customer service, saving costs and improving efficiency.

Content Critical Solutions, is a leading provider of mission-critical business communications services, providing comprehensive custom solutions for transaction processing, including content management, reporting solutions and multi-channel distribution with production sites in New Jersey, New York and Florida. They needed a robust workflow solution to integrate, standardize and manage their production processes across their multiple facilities. With CrawfordTech’s PRO Conductor, CCS has implemented an automated workflow, robust quality control procedures and increased the efficiency of their production systems allowing them to easily take on new customers and volume.

CrawfordTech was chosen to assist in making both transactional and static documents accessible and WCAG compliant due to the Section 508 ICT Refresh and ACA non-discrimination mandates. The decision was made in order to take advantage of CrawfordTech’s comprehensive AccessibilityNow platform of software and services.

Formost MediaOne leveraged CrawfordTech Operations Express and Pro Concatenator to automate production and be more efficient.

This large financial services provider automated the creation of Accessible PDFs from AFP data stored in a CMOD repository.

A services provider automated their workflow to ensure document integrity and accountability.

This in-plant standardized operations and added automation to improve turn-around time.

A healthcare organization needed to automate the consolidation and output of documents needed for efficient case management.

A large insurance company needed to automate the claims process while continuing to output to print and e-presentment.

By converting documents stored in an ECM repository to Accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5, this company was able to be in compliance with current regulations and service all of their customers

Multiple departments needed to reduce errors, reduce costs, and be more efficient with automation.

A large, global financial services company upgraded its archive from a legacy system and enhanced data security.

Vodafone Spain needed to migrate and consolidate five years of information with 30 types of customer communications stored in four existing archives.

An International Oil and Gas Exploration company needed a solution to get important reports from their AS/400 platform into their Documentum platform. With Crawford Technologies’ PRO Archiver for Documentum they are able to automatically retrieving only the required files from the AS/400, properly analyzing each report’s contents, and automatically creating the relevant document metadata. With this extracted metadata, PRO Archiver is then able to quickly load these files into Documentum every night for access by their users the following morning.

This large bank, based in Asia, with a presence in over 130 countries, generated 350,000 pages of reports from mainframe systems in multiple legacy formats each month. They needed to be accessed by thousands of staff, and archived on a daily and monthly basis. However, the bank had no system to digitize the information, and was relying on printed distribution – a slow and costly process. CrawfordTech helped them to implement an archiving platform that would support them in automatically converting legacy formats, including documents containing Unicode and Chinese characters, to PDF and PDF/A for efficient indexing, archiving and e-presentment, saving them time and money.

A nationwide engineering and construction firm dealing with 300 and 400 satellite job sites at any given time relies on constant communication to deal with compliance and ever changing regulations and project issues. They needed a system that would automate the process of delivering correspondence in a timely fashion to new project sites. Crawford Technologies provided a solution that allows project managers to easily access all documents and content stored in an ECM repository, create a package, and securely deliver to the appropriate site. With CrawfordTech solutions, they can now consolidate multiple formats and intelligent deliver the resulting package, saving time and ensuring that they are in compliance.

This global fashion brand, based in Italy, has a variety of products that span a network of over 6,500 stores in 120 countries. When defining their requirements for document archiving and management across the enterprise, they identified the need to handle high volume across a geographically distributed user base as a key need. PRO Archiver for Documentum is now successfully used to convert PDF documents generated from multiple systems to inject them into Documentum. Currently 1,000 staff members enjoy access to the archive solution.

When Canada Post Corporation Volume Electronic Mail Printing Systems needed to replace seven aging printers they recognized the opportunity to expand their business and accommodate the anticipated growth of 30% - from 207 million impressions annually to 245 million impressions. They needed to support multiple input formats, including legacy formats, and standardize on a platform that was fast and reliable. With CrawfordTech’s PRO Transforms, they were able to automatically convert print streams for their new IBM roll-fed printers, outputting an average of 500,000 impressions per day.

This large Canadian insurance company needed a solution that enable their network of brokers to easily access electronic versions of their clients’ policy declaration documents. Their goals were to increase broker satisfaction and “go green”, while saving on paper, print and mailing costs. Since it was essential that the integrity of the information in the originating print stream be maintained, they turned to CrawfordTech’s PRO AFP to automatically convert legacy AFP print files to PDF/A documents, which are then stored in their IBM Filenet repository, which is integrated with the brokers’ portals.

Saga Insurance is the largest provider of specialized insurance services in the UK, focusing exclusively on the provision of high quality services for people aged 50 and over. With over 1000 employees supporting over 2 million customers, and receiving a total of over 15,000 calls each day, Saga wanted to be able to improve customer service by providing access to documents through a secure web portal integrated with their archive and CRM system. PRO Archiver for Documentum was selected as a centralized electronic document management solution. The solution now archives and manages approximately 80 million documents, with 26,000 added each day, enabling customer service staff to access information with a click of a button

In working with a mid-west insurance company that specializes in disability claims, CrawfordTech and IBM helped ease the rapidly rising administrative costs of claims process. Riptide and IBM FileNet P8 automated the process of storing, managing and collecting disparate documents. Now when these documents need to be made available as a consolidated package for a claim settlement or litigation, Riptide can automatically assemble a packet with the relevant information and deliver in multiple formats to different geographic locations. Each individual and team receives everything they need promptly and securely, and in a consolidated and organized format, saving time and money.

A subsidiary of a Wall Street ratings firm was embarking on a major business process upgrade. The firm’s main requirement was to consolidate all business processes, from the generation of a ratings request to sending out an invoice, into a single managed solution. However, they also needed a solution to automate output management, and enhance customer communications by simultaneously sending an email notification to the assigned account rep when a customer invoice was submitted. With CrawfordTech’s Riptide, requests are now retrieved from the content repository, and the output format and destination is automatically determined and delivered, reducing costs and improving customer service.

A bank wanted to reduce the amount of documents mailed to their customers, demonstrate environmental stewardship by reducing paper, and enhance customer service by providing online access.

A police department in a medium sized city is responsible for almost 210,000 residents spread out over 23 square miles. They needed a more streamlined process for case management, which typically involved multiple departments, and required labor-intensive processes, involving printing, copying, collating, hand stamping and the use of couriers. Crawford Technologies Riptide was deployed to automate the distribution of case files stored in the IBM FileNet Content Manager repository. Based on templates, documents in the case file are now automatically retrieved and consolidated for distribution, saving the city time and money.

When this large, internationally distributed provider of payment technology and services took on a new project that required outputting over 800 million documents per year, they needed to streamline and automate their processes. They leveraged CrawfordTech solutions to automatically standardize the extensive range of incoming file types and reengineer the composed print stream, including applying new barcodes, swapping out images and replacing them with color images, and removing and adding banner pages. The result was a reliable and fast automated workflow that increased profits and saved more than 80% in configuration time.

Unity Media Kabel bw is an internet, cable television, mobile and fixed line telephone service provider providing services to over 8 million households in Germany. As their business expanded through acquisitions, Unity Media knew that the increased customer base would need better access to customer services in order to meet their SLA targets. With PRO Archiver for Documentum, the call center staff and customers now have access to their archived communications via secure online portals.

When these two large insurance companies merged, they needed to standardize and consolidate workflow processes. Each company had implemented completely different print architectures, with one relying on metacode to drive their Xerox devices, and the other using AFP. The decided to leverage print transform software from CrawfordTech to standardize on a single platform and to use AFP. Using the JES PRO Spool Extraction Facility, they were able to automate the entire process on their z/OS based mainframe. Data is converted to AFP, and automatically placed back in the JES2 AFP output queues for printing. The automation and efficiencies gained from the new process allowed them to eliminate duplicate printers, realizing a sizeable savings, and delivering ROI in less than a year.

This organization modernized and streamlined their document production processes over multiple print centers, standardizing and consolidating workflows that produced well over 1 million documents per month.

The Microdynamics Group is one of America’s leading providers of printed and electronic billing solutions, providing a single source for the printing, mailing and electronic delivery of invoices, bills and statements. They needed to convert documents to an alternate format for printing, and replace the existing POSTNET™ barcode with the new USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb) in order to maintain their postal discounts after May 2011. With Operations Express, they were able to meet their IMb requirements without the need to modify their existing print streams.

This Fortune 500 energy company needed a more automated solution for reprinting bills for customers who contacted customer service because they had not received or had lost an invoice. With PRO Reprint Server, documents are no automatically retrieved from their ECM platform via a web services API, automatically batched and reengineered as required, and set to the print center or other location for printing and mailing, eliminating manual processes and saving the company approximately $1.6 Million per year.

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers deal with a high volume of information that needs to be managed and distributed within strict regulatory guidelines. Despite the emergence of electronic initiatives that strive to eliminate paper, flexible output management formats, including fax, are still required. And getting copies of procedures or other information to remote locations for reconciliation in a timely fashion is often a challenge. A large hospital in Toronto worked with CrawfordTech to manage and distribute output from their IBM FileNet Content Manager platform. With Riptide, they are now able to automatically collect, reformat and output document packets, improving the hospital’s billing cycles.

This company needed to improve customer communications by moving documents to color printers and putting them online via a secure web portal.

This large company provides financial benefits solutions such as disability, life, health and accident insurance to 30 million people directly as well as through more than 150,000 brokers in the UK and the US. They rely on inkjet technology to produce and mail statements and other material, and deal with very high volume and regulatory driven SLAs . Their goal was to be more efficient with a solution that would integrate their existing postal optimization software and their production workflow for an end-to-end automated workflow.

A large American stock brokerage had embarked on a strategic initiative to modernize the applications that their frontline staff use. With over 13,000 financial advisors on staff, more than 300,000 trades were executed each day. This volume caused a problem within the new system when printing the trade confirms since their Print Service Provider couldn’t handle more than 300,000 individual jobs each day within their SLAs. With PRO Concatenator the brokerage firm is able to automatically batch 50,000 to 100,000 confirmations together into a single file, while simultaneously converting the output to a fully optimized AFP file, supporting their print provider in being more efficient.

Gesellschaft für Innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH (GIP) is a managed service provider based in Germany that provides software and services to the public sector across Germany, providing solutions that aid the production of Human Resources (HR) documents for 2.5 million public servants. With CrawfordTech’s PRO AFP, they were automatically create files for electronic distribution and viewing, while archiving them in the ISO Standard PDF/A. The implementation allowed them to be more efficient and reduce costs, with the potential to save up to 2 billion pages per year.

When this large European bank decided to bring customer communications archiving in-house, their goals were to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and improve the customer and staff online experience. There were numerous challenges. Over 25 different types of customer communications, needed to be supported and presented digitally, and they also needed to accommodate legacy report archives, like BMC Control-D. CrawfordTech’s PRO Archiver for InfoArchive allowed them to automatically convert high volume content and produce AFP content for output and PDF for online viewing.

This company needed to efficiently store their reports and customer communications documents in their new ECM system.

With over 3 million customers, If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. (If) is a market leader for private, commercial and industrial insurance in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Their objective was to consolidate multiple existing archiving systems containing over 300 million documents in AFP and PDF formats to reduce costs. PRO Archiver for Documentum was used to migrate and convert over 12 TB of content on-time and within budget. Customer service staff now have instant access to customer communications, and customers can continue to access communications via secure online portals.

The bank is one of the largest credit card issuers in North America, printing and mailing over 50 million statements each month. They needed a more efficient process to provide instant and secure online access for their millions of credit card holders to view statements and pay their bills. After a rigorous testing regime that included load tests with several applications at speeds up to 200 transactions per second, the bank selected PRO AFP to PDF from Crawford Technologies to replace its legacy conversion solution, achieving a payback of 125% in the first year of operation.

Resource Integrated, a company that provides design, print, and data driven communications as well as logistics and distribution services, needed to create accessible documents in multiple formats for a large telecom client. In order to be in compliance with current regulations, contractual communications in the requested format had to be delivered within 72 hours of a customer sign-up. Resource Integrated works with CrawfordTech’s Secure Document Accessibility Services Bureau to automate the conversion from PDF format to accessible document formats like braille, large print, eText and Audio, allowing them to deliver communications to their client on-time.

HOV Services is a global outsource provider that works with Fortune 1000 companies in virtually every market. However, the challenges they faced in working with print-ready files was becoming a barrier to accepting new business. For example, one of their customers provided output that had been created by a variety of legacy systems, all using different composition tools. With CrawfordTech PRO Transforms and PRO Concatenator, HOV Services was able to automatically convert, standardize, combine, and reengineer incoming jobs – gaining efficiencies and delivering more value to their customers.

A growing Midwest print service provider was considering investing in several high-speed color inkjet presses to replace their aging laser printers. As part of their business plan, they knew that they would need to migrate their workflows to take full advantage of the capabilities of their new equipment and gain a return on their investment. After defining their requirements, they decided to put the workflow in place before selecting the presses. They selected PRO Inkjet Express because of its speed and flexibility. They were able to quickly migrate their workflows, and reengineer their existing print streams to leverage all of the features of their new presses, achieving ROI in a short time.

A large energy company had a dozen Enterprise Content Management systems, including a legacy ASG Mobius solution, based on an IBM zOS mainframe and was costly to maintain, and did not meet new architectural standards for enterprise applications. They worked closely with Crawford Technologies professional services in conjunction with other vendors to successfully consolidate their ECM repositories and migrate over 500 Million documents from the existing archive.

To be in compliance with current regulations, this telecommunications firm needed to provide statements in both print and electronic accessible formats to their blind, partially-sighted, and cognitively disabled clients. CrawfordTech’s Document Accessibility Services facilities takes their electronic print files and re-formats these into braille, large-format print, e-print, e-text and audio files at their PCI-compliant facilities, allowing them to deliver accessible documents in a pro-active and timely fashion.

A print service provider in South America had support related issues with their Customer Communications Management software vendor that was affecting their ability to deliver transactional documents to their large clients. CrawfordTech’s reseller worked with the PSP and with Crawford Technologies to assess their requirements and provide a proposal for implementation, training and support. With Crawford Technologies support team, the customer is now using the solution in production, and is confident that their needs are successfully addressed.

This large print and mailing services provider turned to Crawford Technologies for help in automating their production processes. Producing over 1 Billion documents annually, they needed to accept and convert multiple input formats for print output, archiving and electronic presentment. CrawfordTech professional services worked with the customer to evaluate, recommend and implement a solution that resulted in a high performance, “hands-off” workflow, improving processing times by as much as 1000%.

In order to be in compliance with current regulations, Canada Post needed to provide secure delivery of Government of Canada Pensioner electronic documents, including direct deposit statements, newsletters, and tax forms in Accessible PDF. They employed CrawfordTech solutions to automatically convert thousands of documents on a daily basis to Accessible PDF. These documents are created at a rate of hundreds to thousands of pages per second, ensuring timely delivery and allowing blind and partially sighted individuals to navigate vital communications with assistive technology.

A nationwide engineering and construction firm dealing with 300 and 400 satellite job sites at any given time relies on constant communication to deal with compliance and ever changing regulations and project issues. They needed a system that would automate the process of delivering correspondence in a timely fashion to new project sites. Crawford Technologies provided a solution that allows project managers to easily access all documents and content stored in an ECM repository, create a package, and securely deliver to the appropriate site. With CrawfordTech solutions, they can now consolidate multiple formats and intelligent deliver the resulting package, saving time and ensuring that they are in compliance.

This U.S. based company provides a range of mission critical communication services for Fortune 500 companies, including mailing, production and fulfillment. The key to their success is in creating integrated automated workflows, which allows them to optimize production. A new business opportunity meant that they had to accept incoming print streams in multiple formats, process them efficiently, and feed their output devices as well as the secure web portal that their customers were accustomed to using. They integrated CrawfordTech solutions with their workflow management and postal optimization software, implementing an end-to-end workflow in two weeks while increasing profits and delivering high-quality, affordable, timely communications to their customers.

A large print provider servicing the financial market wanted to strengthen relationships with their customers by offering new, valuable services. They knew that anything other than a minimal cost increase would not be acceptable, and decided that the solution needed to be cost-effective and have demonstrable ROI. They used CrawfordTech solutions to automatically assess white space and insert relevant marketing content based on information they already had, such as purchasing history, loyalty points, and other demographic data. The project was affordable and easy to implement, and the customer was able to benefit from the additional business generated by the specific offers and messages embedded into their customer communications.

As most print service providers know, not all PDF files are created equal. Despite being based on an ISO standard, many “print ready” PDF files are poorly formed, and can take too long to process, hurting profitability and risking customer SLA’s. This customer used CrawfordTech technology to normalize and optimize their incoming PDF files, integrated with their existing system to create an automated end-to-end workflow. The result was a remarkable 2000% increase in throughput.

A state student loan agency needed to be in compliance with Department or Education regulations to make all communications, such as forms and other documents, accessible to blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled clients. CrawfordTech’s powerful accessibility solutions were used to automate the conversion thousands of documents to Accessible PDF for online epresentment, allowing individuals who utilize assistive technologies such as JAWs, screen readers, refreshable braille displays, and computers with accessibility features to receive and consume vital communications.

This life sciences firm worked with IBM and Crawford Technologies to better manage the data in their ECM repositories, leading to improved automation and efficiency when dealing with the FDA approval process for new drugs. By eliminating output bottlenecks, and reducing the time spent in assembling information packets, Riptide® allowed them to speed up review cycles, increasing profits by millions of dollars.

A geographically distributed insurance company wanted to improve customer service and reduce their use of paper to save money and be more environmentally friendly. Their strategy was to implement a secure online self-service repository for brokers to selectively view electronic documents. CrawfordTech’s Riptide solution allows them to continue storing documents in their ECM repository and automatically convert them to PDF for online viewing and archiving, reducing their costs while giving their brokers real-time access to important information.

A large retail bank needed to demonstrate their compliance with banking regulations by providing a comprehensive analysis of its previous 10 years of customer credit card statements, representing over 50 million issued cards. They used CrawfordTech solutions to automatically convert, identify, extract and re-purpose the necessary information to prove compliance and gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior.

This large energy supplier manages and delivers well over 3 million documents each year, providing support to over 15 million customers. They turned to CrawfordTech to help them reduce costs through digital delivery and a secure online portal, while improving customer service, and simplifying regulatory compliance. A tightly integrated, consolidated and centralized archiving solution allows customers to receive communications in the format they prefer, and gives customer service personnel instant access to relevant information.

Société Générale is one of the world’s top 20 banks, with 157,000 employees world-wide providing a wide range of financial services in 45 countries. They needed to archive statements and structured data in compliance with European Union VAT regulations, and retain documents for over 7 years. CrawfordTech’s PRO Archiver for InfoArchive now allows users to access their statements over 60,000 times each day via secure online portals, eliminating the need to print and post statements. Approximately 60 applications are connected to the archive, satisfying Société Générale’s vision of a single unified system.

This large financial group offers a range of services, including wealth management, life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, personal services and business services. With more than 7 million customers, they employ close to 50,000 people in multiple locations. As part of a wide ranging business initiative, the financial services company adopted EMC Documentum as an enterprise content management platform for all legal, regulatory and business documents. As part of this unified content platform initiative an existing FileNet system was migrated to the new platform.