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Accelerate and Streamline Complex Printstream Manipulation

Product Overview

CrawfordTech’s TurboFlow delivers new levels of performance and flexibility to accelerate high volume complex processing for all print formats, including PDF. With TurboFlow’s advanced indexing capabilities, large print files can be split, re-sequenced and merged into multiple files, in any order, in one pass, resulting in up to 50% faster processing speeds. This ensures communication providers can minimize resource requirements and maximize productivity to easily achieve aggressive SLA timeframes and increase operational efficiencies for all customer communications.

TurboFlow accelerates and streamlines challenging page sequence changes such as postal sorts, address cleansing, and merging of multiple print files using an external file that specifies the selection and re-sequencing details. TurboFlow optimizes the printstreams, leveraging intelligent resource management to remove duplicate resources to ensure fast printing and archiving.


Increase Productivity

Meet tight SLA timeframes with processing speeds up to 10x faster than other solutions

Significantly reduce the time to split, merge and re-sequence large files in any order

Eliminate multi-pass processing and increase production capacity

Simplify Postal & Operational Optimization

Simplifies efforts to reduce postage costs

Reduce resource requirements and extended work cycles

Optimize print and mail efficiencies

Increase Processing Flexibility

Speeds many to many, one to many and many to one printstream processing

Add business building flexibility to offer new competitive services

Simplify communication delivery preferences via the right channel to ensure a positive Customer Experience (CX).

Organizations using TurboFlow have realized significantly increased operational productivity. Challenged with time-consuming file splitting and document resequencing to meet postal sortation requirements, one customer leveraged TurboFlow and reduced their processing time by 99% – from 4hrs down to less than 2 mins.

Business Challenge

Print and mail organizations are under constant pressure to meet increasingly aggressive SLA timeframes, while managing changing job profiles, complex postal requirements and providing value-add capabilities. Adding more resources or upgrading to faster print and mail equipment may seem like the easy answer, however, that typically results in changes to existing workflows, extended implementation timeframes and additional expenses. The challenge is to quickly address these imperatives without compromising operational efficiency, flexibility, or profitability.

Customer Success Story

A Financial Solutions Provider Automates Their Workflow

This large company provides financial benefits solutions such as disability, life, health and accident insurance to 30 million people directly as well as through more than 150,000 brokers in the UK and the US. They rely on inkjet technology to produce and mail statements and other material, and deal with very high volume and regulatory driven SLAs . Their goal was to be more efficient with a solution that would integrate their existing postal optimization software and their production workflow for an end-to-end automated workflow.

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Product Details

Flexible, Advanced Capabilities

TurboFlow eliminates the multi-step processing typically required to extract select page sets from one or more files and then combine them in any order – in one or multiple files. An external file specifies the page extraction and re-sequencing details. In addition to TurboFlow’s accelerated processing speeds, it also optimizes the printstreams, removing duplicate resources to ensure fast printing and archiving. Supports all print files, including PDF.

Use Cases

Postal Optimization

  • Single-pass processing speeds complex splitting, merging and resequencing of multiple large files based on batch size, routes & weights to efficiently meet postal requirements
  • Easily manage householding and commingling processes for deeper postal discounts

Production Optimization

  • Simplifies splitting files across multiple print centers to maximize asset utilization
  • Easily streams files based on page count or weight to optimize productivity on print and inserting solutions

Multi-Channel Delivery

  • Easily manage communication delivery preferences to support Customer Experience (CX) initiatives
  • Supports preference management systems including CrawfordTech’s eDeliveryNow® Preferences

TurboFlow is a component of Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions. It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequaled expertise with printstream processing to ensure successful, cost-effective results. This solution can be invoked using our enPower APIs (Java, .NET, C), command line and scripts and integrates with our eDeliveryNow Preference Manager, document re-engineering, QA and PRO Conductor production workflow solution for print and electronic document delivery.

The application runs on a wide variety of platforms including: Linux, Windows, AIX, z/OS and Solaris.

TurboFlow easily and reliably fits into any system architecture and works with PDF and most common print streams, including AFP, PDF, PCL, Xerox Metacode, PostScript, LCDS and others.

Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.

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