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Signed PDF

Secure the Integrity and Authenticity of your PDFs

Product Overview

With CrawfordTech’s Signed PDF, organizations creating communications can automatically apply a digital signature to PDF output ensuring recipient of the files that the content of each individual document is verified to be accurate and originated from a known and trusted source.


Enhanced Security

Secures the integrity of individual PDFs by preventing unauthorized modifications.

Utilizes industry standard Digital Certificates to provide best in class protection.

Provides additional layer of protection beyond standard password security


Provides assurance to recipient that the information is from a trusted source.

Cost Savings

Saves time and money defending against fraudulent claims.

Business Challenge

The increase in malware and phishing attacks being done every day is resulting in many costly cybersecurity breaches and fraudulent activity. It is getting to the point that many people do not trust emails and files sent to them from outside their organization. This threatens the usefulness of the digital delivery systems that have been put in place by organizations all over the world.

Customer Success Story

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Product Details

How Signed PDF works

Signed PDF utilizes industry standard digital certificates, providing evidence of the documents integrity and authenticity, guaranteeing that the information customers receive is accurate and from a known and trusted source.

When a PDF is created or converted from another format, the contents are read and used to automatically calculate a hash, employing cryptographic hash algorithms.  The hash is stored, along with the customer’s public key, within the PDF as the signature. When opened, the contents of the PDF are validated by calculating the document’s hash, using the embedded public key, and comparing it to the hash within the digital signature.

The digital signature verifies that the contents of the PDF have not been modified, and that document metadata such as date created, author, title and other content has not been changed. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with standard password security on the PDF file. And if the PDF has been tampered with, the digital signature will become invalid, and the recipient will receive an alert when they view the file.

Use Cases

CrawfordTech’s Signed PDF ensures customers documents remain protected and tamper-proof with digitally signed PDFs.

  1. Individual Digitally Signed PDFs: Create Digitally Signed PDFs for each end customer and store each PDF in a repository. Deliver individual Digitally Signed PDF to each end customer.
  2. Single Digitally Signed PDF: Create and store a single digitally signed PDF for large volumes of customer documents and store in a repository. Individual Digitally Signed PDFs are then retrieved from single signed PDF for electronic presentment and/or downloading purposes by end customers.
  3. POS Single Digitally Signed PDF: Existing Utilize the existing print ready file that is stored in an organization’s archive. Create Digitally signed PDFs for end customers at the point in time when they view them online or when they receive them electronically through email or other methods.

Signed PDF, a component of the Crawford Technologies DTE platform, integrates into our document re-engineering and workflow automation solutions, Operations Express and PRO Conductor to bring security and speed to critical communications processing and delivery. Signed PDF easily fits into any system architecture and works with common print formats, including AFP, PDF, PostScript, PCL, Xerox Metacode, and Xerox LCDS/DJDE

The application runs on all major platforms including Linux, Windows, AIX, z/OS and Solaris. It can be easily integrated into your systems by leveraging our enPower APIs, PRO Conductor, Sunrise or  AccessibilityNow® Gateway. Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.

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