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Review and Release

Fast, Efficient, Document Preview and Inspection

Product Overview

Review and Release allows organizations to easily manage the review and removal of individual documents in a transactional print workflow. It ensures only print-ready pages are released for production, eliminating unnecessary print costs and the time-consuming process to manually locate the documents after print.

With Review and Release, business users can easily preview and inspect documents for accuracy and remove inaccurate or unwanted documents prior to releasing them for production internally or externally with a print service provider. This reduces the risk of a privacy breach by ensuring highly confidential information is not accessed by unauthorized individuals.


Review and Release is the ideal solution to reduce the risk of sending incorrect communications.

Ensure customers receive properly formatted documents

Allow business users to preview their documents before being released to the printer

Eliminate unnecessary documents from the print stream

Reduce costs due to unnecessary printing and waste

Eliminate costly manual work and delays tracking down documents

Reduce risk of a privacy breach

Business Challenge

Print files produced from mainframe systems or composition engines are not always production-ready. They may contain potential errors, including extra documents, incorrect addresses or information, or other errors that do not meet QA requirements. These errors can potentially result in a poor customer experience.

Today’s consumers expect error-free communications. However, ensuring high quality communications requires thorough QA, which can result in production delays and a high volume of holds and pulls. The manual process of identifying and correcting these errors can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Our product solves this problem by simplifying the QA process and minimizing the time and effort required for quality control. With our innovative technology, you can ensure that your communications meet the highest standards without sacrificing efficiency or productivity.

Customer Success Story

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Product Details

Why Review and Release?

With Review and Release, this process can be managed electronically, allowing a business user to examine pages for accuracy and pulling any incorrect or unnecessary pages from the file prior to releasing for print production; removing the physical manual step of digging through stacks of printed documents and envelopes to find the right document to pull.

Hold and pull processes are often manual, meaning time and money has been spent printing documents that are just going to be removed and treated as waste. Providing non-technical resources with a way to view documents exactly how they are expected to print puts control into the hands of business users to make sure what needs to be printed is all that gets printed. Eliminating the needs to do manual searched through stacks of paper and envelopes. With the focus of most enterprises and service bureaus on cost savings as well as a positive customer experience, ensuring consumers receive accurate communications as well as preventing unnecessary waste and time to track down those unneeded documents translates to a real opportunity to address these top business objectives.

Use Cases

There are a variety of challenges that can result in the need to hold or remove documents from the print stream, including:

  • Remove reports and test pages from mainframe output
  • Remove documents with incorrect addresses
  • Remove pages with unexpected artifacts or electronically created errors
  • Hold documents requiring additional approval
  • Hold communications that have been requested electronically
  • Hold reports waiting to be reviewed to determine if printing is necessary

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