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Redaction Express

Ensure Document Security and Compliance with Automated Redaction

Product Overview

Redaction Express is the ideal solution to help protect against the inadvertent and unintentional disclosure of confidential information during the production of transactional documents like bills, statements and other customer correspondence. It adds redaction capabilities to the CrawfordTech suite of transform tools so that identified sensitive and private information is automatically identified and redacted from print streams, PDFs and composed documents in high-volume production environments. Redaction Express resolves the most challenging constraints for information privacy while streamlining document production processes and improving overall compliance and security. As a result, communication providers can now manage compliance risk effectively while minimizing costs.



Ensure data privacy compliance with automatic analysis of outbound documents for confidentiality breaches.


Reduce data security risk with automatic redaction of sensitive or confidential information

Improve data security with rules-based automation that removes and destroys PCI and other confidential data


Streamline production workflows with One-step redaction processing

Fast, easy integration with other CrawfordTech solutions and current workflows

Business Challenge

Managing confidential and sensitive information throughout high-volume document production workflows remains a constant challenge for communication providers. The need to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and mitigate the risk of inadvertent disclosure of confidential information across multiple processes and channels adds additional complexity to document management. Organizations need a robust solution that simplifies the identification and removal of sensitive information, streamlines workflows while minimizing costs.

Customer Success Story

Meeting Regulatory Compliance in Banking

A large retail bank needed to demonstrate their compliance with banking regulations by providing a comprehensive analysis of its previous 10 years of customer credit card statements, representing over 50 million issued cards. They used CrawfordTech solutions to automatically convert, identify, extract and re-purpose the necessary information to prove compliance and gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior.

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Product Details

What does Redaction Express do?

Redaction Express enables enterprises to automatically remove confidential information as documents are being prepared for viewing or distribution.

  • Protect sensitive and confidential data from unauthorized parties and recipients.
  • Lower privacy risk and improve regulatory compliance.
  • Scramble confidential data for production print testing and proofing.
  • Automatically scan and analyze documents for confidential information.
  • Ensure all redacted information is irretrievable.
  • Processing efficiency ensures virtually no impact on throughput and productivity.

All this while setting the industry performance benchmarks for speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Why should you consider Redaction Express?

  • Supports compliance with regulatory and information governance rules.
  • Reduces exposure from incomplete manualredaction errors.
  • Maintains original copy in ECM repositories and redacts only when documents leave.
  • Lowers TCO as an easy add-on to Riptide.


Redaction occurs seamlessly and automatically without any additional processing steps. Redaction Express joins our award-winning transform solutions that are noted for industry-leading speed and accuracy. Our entire family of print stream transforms is designed to meet the most stringent processing demands by boosting efficiency and production speed. Performing redaction in-line with Redaction Express further increases productivity and ROI.

Types of Confidential Information

  • Social Security numbers
  • Taxpayer ID numbers (TINs, EINs)
  • Driver license numbers
  • State ID numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Credit/debit card numbers
  • Financial Services / Bank account numbers
  • Home addresses
  • Non-business telephone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Mother’s maiden names, minor children’s names and ages
  • Email addresses
  • Medical records
Use Cases
  • True print sample for high-speed inkjet
  • Confidential files that need to be tested for performance
  • Assess ink coverage for cost evaluation
  • Test substrates for inkjet and inserter
  • Redaction of data as it is being committed into repository
  • Redaction of print data as it is being retrieved from repository

The application runs on all major platforms including Linux, Windows, AIX, z/OS and Solaris. It can be easily integrated into your systems by leveraging our enPower APIs, PRO Conductor, Sunrise or  AccessibilityNow® Gateway. Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.

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