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PRO Reprint Server

Flexible Document Reprinting Services

Product Overview

Crawford Technologies PRO Reprint Server gives organizations a highly flexible, automated reprint solution for documents, bills, and statements. It integrates with legacy enterprise content management (ECM) repositories, including mainframe, current content services platforms (CSP), and other document repositories.

PRO Reprint Server accommodates real-time and batch processing of reprint requests. Reprints can be routed and executed immediately or held until a batch of reprints are ready to be printed on high-speed laser printers or production inkjet presses. Documents that require specific paper stocks will be kept together for printing. PRO Reprint Server can also convert documents from virtually any format into other formats as needed to facilitate the devices used for printing.

PRO Reprint Server is completely customizable to fit any enterprise in-plant print/mail facility or print service provider (PSP). It makes retrieving documents for customer service reprints fast and flexible to fit business needs and customer outcomes.


Increases productivity and flexibility: makes reprints of important documents, bills, and financial statements available anytime, anyplace, and anywhere for employees, partners, and customers.

Improves operational performance: centralizes document reprints in a consistent and automated manner.

Reduces costs: eliminates labor costs associated with manual reprint production and automates the reprint process for paper and electronic formats.

Decreases compliance risk: makes reprints of paper statements available for credit card, bank, and mortgage accounts, medical records, and any other document type as required by law.

Improves cash Flow: customers often will not pay bills until they receive the reprinted document.

Business Challenge

Providing great customer service is challenging. For many organization, offering reprint services involves many costly manual processes fraught with errors. Not being able to provide customers with reprints and copies of important documents, bills and financial statements for insurance, banking, utilities, medical, mortgages, property taxes, credit cards and phone services in their preferred paper and electronic format is a nonstarter. Customer service needs to be fast, effective, and reliable to meet customer preferences.

Customer Success Story

A Print Services Organization Automates Production

This large print and mailing services provider turned to Crawford Technologies for help in automating their production processes. Producing over 1 Billion documents annually, they needed to accept and convert multiple input formats for print output, archiving and electronic presentment. CrawfordTech professional services worked with the customer to evaluate, recommend and implement a solution that resulted in a high performance, “hands-off” workflow, improving processing times by as much as 1000%.

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Product Details

Increased Productivity and Reprint Flexibility

Supports any number of concurrent requests from customer service representatives, account support specialists, and customers using self-service portals on their computer or mobile device to facilitate reprinting and mailing of archived documents, bills, and statements.

Enhanced Integration with Business Applications

Uses a modern Web Services REST API to provide application-level integration to pull customer documents, bills and statement from many widely adopted enterprise content management and archiving systems including OpenText Documentum, OpenText InfoArchive, IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) and IBM FileNet P8.

Improved Operational Performance

Centralizes and automates customer reprint requests by batching them together, including requests that require specific paper stocks, in as few print jobs as possible. Once queued, customer documents, bills, and statements are routed when ready to be printed on a designated high-speed laser printer or production inkjet press.

Unmitigated Document Conversions

Supports conversion of documents from virtually any format (AFP, PDF, PS/PCL, Xerox DJDE/METACODE, EBCDIC) into the proper format needed for the enterprise’s printers. This eliminates the need for special reprint printers.

Sophisticated Document Enhancements

Provides a powerful document reengineering option that ensures the correct presentation of the documents being reprinted, including fonts, color, barcodes, watermarks and more.

Use Cases
  • Insurance Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Banking Statements
  • Mortgage Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Auto Loans
  • Medical Documents
  • Property Tax Statements
  • Transportation Documents
  • Utility Bills
  • Phone/Internet Statements
  • Transaction History
  • Account Activity
  • Explanation of Benefits

PRO Reprint Server integrates into our document re-engineering, workflow automation and transformation solutions, Operations Express, Data Prep, PRO Archiver, and PRO Transforms to retrieve, convert and deliver critical customer communications for reprinting. It can be easily integrated into your systems by leveraging its powerful REST API Web Services. PRO Reprint Server retrieves transactional content from legacy ECM content repositories, content services platforms (CSP) or document archives. It utilizes any anywhere deployment model, making deployment flexible to fit business needs.  PRO Reprint Server easily fits into any system architecture.

Integration Options

  • Graphical User Interface
  • REST API Web Services
  • Command Line
  • Scripts

PRO Reprint Server supports multiple print formats, methods, and printer types

Print Formats
  • PDF
  • AFP
  • Postscript
  • PCL
  • Xerox LDCS/Metacode
Print Methods
  • Cut Sheet
  • Large Format
  • Continuous Feed
  • Variable
Printer Types
  • Production Inkjet Presses
  • High-speed Laser Printers
  • Desktop and office printers of all types

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