The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.


PRO Quick Compare

Fast, Efficient, Cost-Effective Document QA

Product Overview

Designed for high volume document processing, PRO Quick Compare is an efficient, cost-effective document QA utility that optimizes and simplifies the testing and remediation of customer documents to ensure quality customer communications and a positive CX. This easy-to-use tool is ideal to ensure document changes are identified and addressed up front, reducing the risk of potential downstream consequences.


Ensure Document Quality and Fidelity

Deliver a positive CX with quality communications

Ensure QA accuracy with thorough analysis for migration, regression and conversion testing

Quick and simple visual identification of differences with highlighted comparisons

Accelerate QA cycle time and reduce costs

Meet aggressive workflow SLAs for large files with faster, reliable QA cycles

Avoid the risk of errors causing downstream delays or issues

Reduce QA resource demands to address customer communication errors

Optimize and streamline QA

Optimize QA processes and increase resource efficiency with multiple comparison modes

Flexibility to implement QA processes for common print formats

Increase workflow efficiency with automated QA processes

Business Challenge

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is key to your business success. Errors in customer communications can be costly to your business, impacting your bottom line and brand reputation. CCM errors can result in reprint and mailing costs, release delays, lost customers, and even regulatory fines or litigation.

With less time and fewer resources to manage document QA, it is critical to ensure that document quality and content are not affected when migrating to new composition tools or print platforms or when implementing new content or brand updates.

Ensuring error-free customer communications that won’t cause downstream issues can be challenging. Dynamic formatting and personalization can lead to millions of unique documents, making it hard to catch errors that may seem small but can consume valuable time and resources to resolve. Furthermore, the growing number of tools and platforms requiring testing can lead to tedious and time-consuming quality assurance (QA) checks. By employing an efficient document comparison tool, errors can be identified and addressed upfront, thereby reducing the risk of potential downstream consequences

CrawfordTech QA Suite

CrawfordTech QA Suite

The QA Suite from Crawford Technologies delivers the tools necessary to automate and simplify document QA. These solutions ensure documents are accurate and compliant while reducing resource demands and increasing productivity.

PRO Conductor Proof and Approve

With PRO Conductor Proof and Approve, organizations can identify and correct errors before the mail is sent, thus avoiding costly reprints and re-mailings.

PRO Quick Compare

PRO Quick Compare is an efficient, cost-effective document QA utility that optimizes and simplifies the testing and remediation of customer documents to ensure quality customer communications and a positive CX.

QA Now

QA Now provides organizations with a scalable, fully automated QA solution to ensure the accuracy of critical customer communications.

Review and Release

Review and Release allows organizations to easily manage the review and removal of individual documents in a transactional print workflow.

AccessibilityNow Validator

AccessibilityNow® Validator is a document scanning program that will inform you what level of accessibility your documents are at.

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Product Details

Visualize Difference and Streamline Testing

PRO Quick Compare reads two data files of the same or different format, compares them in a selected mode – object, pixel or text – and outputs a side by side visual of all the pages with color coded highlights for easy recognition of detected differences. With the ability to plug into an existing workflow, this easy-to-use solution is ideal for initial application, regression or migration testing as well as verification for outsourcing/insourcing.

Comparison modes analyze and detect changes for fast, easy visual identification:

  • Object comparison mode detects changes in placements, fonts, data and internal structures
  • Pixel comparison mode detects changes in placement, registration and fidelity
  • Text comparison mode detects changes in changed text.
  • Easily compare documents or files of the same or different format, such as AFP to AFP or AFP to PDF
  • Accurate comparison for all pages including inserted or deleted pages
  • Streamline QA testing with flexible comparison parameters for users to set specific areas of the page to compare or ignore
  • Batch processing supports multiple data stream comparisons without user intervention
Use Cases

There are a variety of challenges that can result in the need to hold or remove documents from the print stream, including:

  • Remove reports and test pages from mainframe output
  • Remove documents with incorrect addresses
  • Remove pages with unexpected artifacts or electronically created errors
  • Hold documents requiring additional approval
  • Hold communications that have been requested electronically
  • Hold reports waiting to be reviewed to determine if printing is necessary

Review and Release integrates with:

  • PRO Transforms
  • Operations Express
  • PRO Conductor
  • DataPrep
  • QA Now

Invoked using Java API, .NET API, workflows with DataPrep, PRO Conductor and QA NOW as well as via command line and scripts

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