The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.



Accurately and efficiently convert PDF files with true fidelity

Product Overview

Our PDF transform and conversion tools allow you to convert PDF to various output formats at high speeds, with industry-leading fidelity. With PRO PDF, you can support new printers, optimize existing PDF files, prepare content for archiving or document remediation and expand your capabilities without incurring IT modification costs or making architecture changes.

Not all PDF files are well structured or optimized for downstream workflows. PRO PDF can also normalize a PDF file, which minimizes duplicate fonts, removes duplicated graphical elements and performs further enhancements to minimize storage size and maximize performance in downstream workflows.

PRO PDF provides a versatile solution that is typically two to four times faster than other products, with the highest conversion fidelity and unrivalled levels of support and quality assurance.





Business Challenge

Communication providers face numerous challenges when it comes to delivering high volume, personalized communications. From managing new and legacy applications, migrating to new production platforms and supporting new delivery channels, they need flexible and robust solutions that ensure speed, accuracy, and data integrity.

PRO Transforms

PRO Transforms

PRO Transforms delivers lightning-fast, seamless and accurate print stream conversions across all industry-standard formats, boosting efficiency and flexibility for your business.


PRO AFP converts existing AFP data streams into essentially all industry-standard output formats including PDF, PostScript, PCL, Metacode and line data.

PRO Meta

PRO Meta converts existing Xerox print streams into all industry-standard output formats including AFP, PostScript, PCL, PDF, and line data.


PRO PCL converts PCL print data streams into multiple output formats, including PDF, AFP, PostScript®, and Metacode with exceptional speed and precision.


PRO PDF provides a versatile solution that is typically two to four times faster than other products, with the highest conversion fidelity and unrivalled levels of support and quality assurance.


PRO PS converts existing Postscript print streams into all industry-standard output formats including AFP, PDF, PCL, Metacode and more.

Customer Success Story

A Financial Solutions Provider Automates Their Workflow

This large company provides financial benefits solutions such as disability, life, health and accident insurance to 30 million people directly as well as through more than 150,000 brokers in the UK and the US. They rely on inkjet technology to produce and mail statements and other material, and deal with very high volume and regulatory driven SLAs . Their goal was to be more efficient with a solution that would integrate their existing postal optimization software and their production workflow for an end-to-end automated workflow.

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Product Details


PDF to AFP converts print streams and resources from PDF to AFP to support IPDS printers. PDF to AFP Converter integrates seamlessly with InfoPrint Manager and Content Manager OnDemand(CMOD) products and eliminates the need to support both PostScript and AFP printer hardware and software.

PDF Normalization

PDF Normalization interprets PDF print files and resources and converts them into standard normalized PDF files. These individual normalized files can then be printed directly to a printer, archived, or converted into other formats to optimize applications for the best throughput.


PDF to PDF/A is a cost-effective, platform-independent product that takes your production PDF print streams and produces PDF/A-1b output ready to archive. This eliminates the technological, legal and regulatory challenges associated with storing and retrieving PDF documents long term.


PDF to HTML5 is a powerful tool for those PDF printer customers who want to display the output of new generation PDF applications on the Web for both customers and staff. Dynamic conversion and ultra high-speed display and retrieval time allows you to use PDF print files in interactive Web applications.

PDF to Postscript

PDF to PS interprets PDF print streams and resources and transforms them into PostScript. The conversion process provides a smooth migration path for printer clients who want to move their PDF applications to PostScript printers.

PDF to Data

PDF to Data lets you convert PDF page files into data files, such XML and CSV, that can be used in common business and database applications. The software enables you in leveraging the value of the data stored in PDF print streams.

What does PRO PDF do?

PRO PDF converts existing PDF print streams into all major industry- standard output formats including AFP, PostScript®, PCL, Metacode and line data, with the following capabilities:

  • Automatically converts PDF resources and rendering commands including fonts,forms, logos, images and color.
  • Supports resource embedding, ensuring that the most current resources are used and included.
  • Object-to-object conversion (not just image output) resulting in the smallest file sizes.
  • Industry leading speed
  • True fidelity
  • All this while setting the industry performance benchmarks for speed, accuracy and flexibility
Use Cases
  • Create output files from PDF to all industry-standard output formats and leverage your equipment investments.
  • Convert PDF documents to print on high-speed production printers using AFP, PCL or Metacode and increase efficiency.
  • Create production reprints of archived PDF documents without production support.
  • Include PDF documents in archived transactional document streams.
  • Merge smaller PDF streams into large print files and automatically split portions to print on diverse printers and locations as needed.

PRO PDF fits in your environment

  • Easily integrate PRO PDF to support both batch and on demand production:
  • Leverage existing workflow and automation tools with CrawfordTech enPower APIs.
  • Have your output files automatically encrypted for security purposes.
  • Suppress blank pages to improve the viewer’s experience.
  • Automate processing of files from hot folders.

PRO PDF runs on all major operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • z/OS

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