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PRO Meta

Accurate and Efficient Xerox Metacode Conversion with True Fidelity

Product Overview

CrawfordTech’s Xerox transformation and conversion tools deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for converting DJDE, LCDS and Xerox Metacode to various output formats. PRO Meta’s advanced conversion capabilities support all industry-standard output formats including AFP, Postscript, PCL, PDF, HTML5 and line data with speed and fidelity. PRO META can normalize Xerox Metacode files reducing storage size, eliminating duplicate fonts and graphical elements to enhance downstream workflow performance.





Business Challenge

Communication providers face numerous challenges when it comes to delivering high volume, personalized communications across a multitude of platforms and channels. These challenges include managing new and legacy applications, migrating to new production platforms and delivery channels -without compromising on speed, accuracy, and data integrity. Providers need robust, flexible solutions to address these challenges and streamline their document production process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

PRO Transforms

PRO Transforms

PRO Transforms delivers lightning-fast, seamless and accurate print stream conversions across all industry-standard formats, boosting efficiency and flexibility for your business.


PRO AFP converts existing AFP data streams into essentially all industry-standard output formats including PDF, PostScript, PCL, Metacode and line data.

PRO Meta

PRO Meta converts existing Xerox print streams into all industry-standard output formats including AFP, PostScript, PCL, PDF, and line data.


PRO PCL converts PCL print data streams into multiple output formats, including PDF, AFP, PostScript®, and Metacode with exceptional speed and precision.


PRO PDF provides a versatile solution that is typically two to four times faster than other products, with the highest conversion fidelity and unrivalled levels of support and quality assurance.


PRO PS converts existing Postscript print streams into all industry-standard output formats including AFP, PDF, PCL, Metacode and more.

Customer Success Story

Product Details

Metacode to AFP

Meta to AFP converts print streams and DJDE resources from Xerox LCDS and Metacode to AFP formats by performing an object-to-object transformation that creates an optimized compatible AFP file. Fonts, images, logos and forms appear exactly the same on AFP printers as they do on Xerox printers.

Meta to PDF

Meta to PDF interprets and transforms print streams and DJDE resources from Xerox LCDS and Metacode to PDF files for use with desktops and browsers using Adobe’s Acrobat® Reader. The software emulates pre-printed stock, quickly converts all fonts for an accurate and clean look, and allows the full power of PDF to be utilized within legacy applications.

Meta Normalization

Meta Normalization interprets Xerox LCDS and Metacode print streams and transforms them into standard Normalized Metacode files. This allows printer resources to be managed on a host system or LAN instead of on printers and provides a myriad of possible uses to simplify resource management and disaster recovery planning.

Meta to PS

Meta to PS product converts Xerox LCDS and Metacode to PostScript formats. Output is quickly converted and routed, and optimized for production performance with superior font mapping and fidelity. Original printer capabilities, such as stapling, tray mapping, color mapping, and duplex or simplex printing are all supported.

Meta to Data

Meta to Data lets you convert Xerox Metacode into data files, like XML and CSV, that can be used in common business and database applications. The software allows you to leverage the value and infrastructure associated with legacy Xerox print streams without incurring any IT modification costs.

Meta to HTML

Meta to HTML converts Xerox Metacode, LCDS and Line Data documents into HTML. This allows organizations to use Xerox print files in Web applications and leverage the value of legacy applications. Statements, bills, invoices, etc, can be displayed in standard browsers giving instant online access to agents and customers.

Meta to PCL

Meta to PCL dynamically converts Xerox LCDS and Metacode documents to PCL for printing on PCL-based desktop printers. Xerox fonts appear the same on Desktop and LAN printers as they do on Xerox printers. The software is optimized for superior image fidelity and production-speed with low resource usage and fast execution.

Meta to PDF/A

Meta to PDF/A is a cost-effective, platform-independent product that takes your production Metacode print streams and produces PDF/A-1b output ready to archive. This eliminates the technological, legal and regulatory challenges associated with storing and retrieving Metacode documents long term.

Meta to Image

Meta to Image offers the best performance available for conversions from Xerox LCDS and Metacode to image files like TIFF or PNG by creating images that are perfect representations of the original legacy files. All Xerox fonts, overlays and other resources are reduced exactly as they are on Xerox printers.

What does PRO Meta do?

PRO Meta converts existing Xerox print streams into all industry-standard output formats including AFP, PostScript, PCL, PDF, and line data:

  • Supports the conversion of Xerox JDL, JDE, DJDE, CME and all other Xerox formatting commands and logic.
  • Supports the conversion of Xerox highlight color resources and highlight color printing
  • Object-to-object conversion (not just image output) resulting in the smallest file sizes.
  • Automatically converts Xerox resources to equivalents including fonts, forms, logos, images and color requests.
  • Supports resource embedding, ensuring the most current resources are always used.
  • Converts device specific Xerox tray selection commands to AFP IMM commands for flexibility.
Use Cases

With PRO Meta you can:

  • Accurately and efficiently convert existing Xerox DJDE, LCDS and Metacode print-streams into AFP, PostScript, PCL and PDF with true fidelity.
  • Create alternative output files from Xerox DJDE, LCDS and Metacode to all industry-standard output formats and leverage your investments in equipment and expertise.
  • Convert Xerox DJDE, LCDS and Metacode documents to print on local and distributed printers using PCL or PDF and increase efficiency.
  • Create production reprints of Xerox DJDE, LCDS and Metacode based documents without production support.
  • Seamlessly convert Xerox DJDE, LCDS and Metacode to AFP to facilitate production efficiency in a mixed high-production environment

PRO Meta fits in your environment

Easily integrate PRO Meta to support both batch and on-demand production.

  • Leverage existing workflow and automation tools with
    CrawfordTech’s enPower APIs.
  • Have your output files automatically encrypted for security
  • Suppress blank pages to improve the viewer’s experience.
  • The PRO Workflow Server option can be used to automate
    processing of files from hot folders.

PRO Meta runs on all major operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • z/OS

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