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PRO Dynamic Document Archive

Store, review and repurpose transactional documents

Product Overview

PRO Dynamic Document Archive is a high performance software product designed specifically for the archiving and retrieval of transactional customer communication documents. This complete archive solution was built from the ground up to store print streams in their native format and provides quick retrieval and presentment in a wide variety of output formats. Now you can reprint archived customer documents in their original format, present original customer documents for viewing by customers and service agents, and save significant production and mailing costs when selected as an alternate distribution channel by customers.





Business Challenge

Managing transactional customer communication documents can be challenging for organizations due to the high volume produced daily and difficulty in archiving and retrieving them efficiently. Providers need a solution for storing print streams in their native format and allowing quick retrieval and presentation in various output formats, saving costs and enabling easy reprinting and viewing of documents for customers and service agents.

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Product Details

What does PRO Dynamic Document Archive Do?

  • Automatically processes each incoming print file and places it into the archive file format.
  • The archive file is compressed, optionally encrypted, indexed and retains all of the required printing resources and metadata for all documents in the file.
  • Archive file preparation includes detection of customer specific mail pieces within each file for maximum locating and retrieval speeds.
  • Prepares an index of unique, customer specific information such as account number, the location of each archive file, and the location of each customer mail piece.
  • View pages in the archive using PRO Viewer.
  • Through the use of provided APIs any existing system can be updated to locate any customer document and present that document in PDF, AFP, PCL,HTML, TIFF, PNG or HEIC/HEIF formats for presentation or printing purposes

With PRO Dynamic Document Archive You Can?

  • Archive transactional documents—store, present and reuse transactional documents—such as statements, bills and invoices.
  • Integrate documents and service—PRO DDA easily integrates with existing customer service systems and portals.
  • Ensure accuracy—store all resources and Metadata to ensure the authenticity at any point in time.
  • Boost security—PRO DDA offers file level encryption up to AES 256 with external key management.
Use Cases

Consider PRO Dynamic Document Archive to…

  • Present historical transactional communications documents to improve customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Store and retrieve historical transactional communications documents to meet your regulatory and compliance obligations.
  • Fulfill customer reprint requests for their historical transactional.
  • Present transactional documents to enable customer self-service and therefore reduce service costs for your organization.
  • Present transactional documents as an alternative to physically printed and mailed documents, thus reducing your production, paper and postage costs.

PRO Dynamic Document Archive can be easily integrated into your systems by leveraging our enPower APIs. Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.

PRO DDA runs on all major operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • AIX, HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • z/OS
  • Linux for System z

PRO DDA supports all major print streams:

  • AFP (Line data, mixed mode & fully composed)
  • Xerox (LCDS & Metacode)
  • PCL
  • PostScript™
  • Line data
  • Image files

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