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PRO DocNow

Print Transformation & Document Re-engineering in the Cloud

Product Overview

PRO DocNow is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that adds flexibility to any print and mail operation by reengineering, optimizing and normalizing print and PDF files for superior print and finishing equipment utilization and increased operator productivity.

Welcome to the the future of Post-Composition and Data Reengineering now with limited IT involvement, zero hardware and administrative expenses, secure processing, 24/7 availability, and the ability to pay only for what you need with our powerful SaaS solution.


PRO DocNow is a powerful document processing solution that offers numerous benefits to organizations. With its robust document re-engineering and post-composition capabilities, it can help organizations to automate and streamline their document processing workflows. This can result in improved efficiency, faster turnaround times, and reduced costs.

In addition to its document re-engineering and post-composition capabilities, PRO DocNow also offers lightning-fast data transforms, which can help organizations to transform their data into the formats needed for their various business processes. This can help to reduce errors and improve data quality, leading to better decision-making and improved business outcomes.

PRO DocNow also includes world-class document enhancement tools, which can help organizations to improve the appearance and readability of their documents. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors, as well as improve the overall professionalism of the organization.

The solution also includes a postal process for NCOA/CASS and presort, which can help organizations to ensure that their mailings are properly sorted and delivered, reducing costs and improving delivery times. Additionally, PRO DocNow offers data stream splitting, sorting, and merging capabilities, which can help organizations to maximize their production printers and inserters, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

One of the key benefits of PRO DocNow is its fast deployment, with zero software acquisition costs. This can help organizations to quickly implement the solution and start realizing the benefits, without incurring significant upfront costs. Overall, PRO DocNow can help organizations to improve their document processing workflows, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, leading to better business outcomes.

Business Challenge

  • Do you need to add barcodes to your bill’s statements & Invoices?
  • Are you trying to re-engineer your Critical communication like letters or bills?
  • Is your organization trying to migrate to pull color inkjet underlays instead of Print Printed forms.
  • Do you need to run Postal sortation NCOA/CASS and Presort to maximize Postage?
  • Do you lack IT and Development staff to onboard new Print & Mail applications.
  • Are you trying to migrate your Print & Mail application to a PSP or BPO and need to add auditing?
  • Are you struggling with manual tasks because your print data is sorted in the wrong order or requires manual separation?
  • Are your print files slow to process or PDFs fail to RIP due to font and resource issues

Customer Success Story

A Brokerage Firm Solves Production Problems

A large American stock brokerage had embarked on a strategic initiative to modernize the applications that their frontline staff use. With over 13,000 financial advisors on staff, more than 300,000 trades were executed each day. This volume caused a problem within the new system when printing the trade confirms since their Print Service Provider couldn’t handle more than 300,000 individual jobs each day within their SLAs. With PRO Concatenator the brokerage firm is able to automatically batch 50,000 to 100,000 confirmations together into a single file, while simultaneously converting the output to a fully optimized AFP file, supporting their print provider in being more efficient.

A red stamp with the word paid on an invoice
Use Cases


Color added to a document helps improve readability and comprehension. Sometimes, colorizing key areas of a document can have a dramatic effect on the number times customers call with questions, decreasing overall support costs.

In a white paper processing environment, color printing is essential. Color logos, form elements, or other graphics allow you to eliminate pre-printed paper stock and combine jobs to create documents more efficiently and less expensively. Give new life to monochrome documents created with legacy software without ever touching the code that generates the pages!

In the United States, changes in postage rates over the years have allowed mailers to add pages of marketing or informational content to transactional documents with no increase in postage. Companies can leverage the power of color in full-page promotional messages to create personalized and highly segmented offers – a vast improvement over pre-printed inserts.

Studies show that color increases brand recognition and information retention. With PRO DocNow, your print operation can add value to documents without a large investment in software or requiring IT or development support to change document composition routines.

Data Extraction

Print operations can add value to the documents they produce for their internal or external clients by pulling data from print image files. Some standard data extraction tasks include information necessary to build mail inserter data files. These Mail Run Data Files (MRDF) tell the inserter how many pages go in each envelope, whether to divert a mailpiece, and which inserts to use. Mailpiece integrity systems use MRDF data to halt the machine if pages are out of sequence, missing, or duplicated so the operator can correct the error. MRDF files can also control printers mounted on inserting machines to print the envelopes with mailing addresses, return addresses, branding elements, or personalized messages.

Companies often use data extracted from print-image files to create indexes used by document archiving systems. When they load images into the document archive, the extracted information allows users to retrieve the documents using account numbers, names, or other data. Transactional documents contain a wealth of information about purchases, usage, customer loyalty levels, and more. Organizations can use the data already present in the documents to enhance the value of the communications and forge a closer relationship with each customer.

Consider the impact of data-driven advertisements based on the detail lines of an invoice, for instance. Customers may see dynamically generated ads for accessories or extended warranties associated with their purchases, depending on the data extracted from the invoice detail lines.

Current Integrations for Mail Tracking

  • BCC presort

PRO DocNow requires the following:

  • Windows or Linux environment
  • 8 GB of RAM for the base installation and configuration. However, memory and Java heap space requirements may need to be increased based on the number of application profiles configured, and the size, volume, and frequency of the data files being processed.
  • Connection to the Internet and the local network
  • Able to receive document print files from the source and have enough disk space to store both the files sent and received for a period of time set by the customer Java Runtime Environment 11 is recommended; 8 or higher is supported
  • JRE v1.8 or greater is required. Obtain a license from Oracle for production use of the Oracle Java Runtime Environment, or use OpenJDK

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