The eDeliveryNow® Platform is an open and modular framework that utilizes REST APIs and Web Services to make it extensible and adaptable to meet current and future customer communication needs.


AccessibilityNow provides high levels of automation and integration into any environment, the platform includes software solutions and a wide range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of all organizations, large and small, private sector and governments of all levels.


PRO Conductor

Low-Code Integration platform to facilitate effective Customer Communication Management (CCM) and improve Customer Experience (CX) through a leading-edge web interface

Product Overview

PRO Conductor is an integration platform that automates and orchestrates every step of your Customer Communications Management (CCM) environment, increasing quality, improving operational performance, and reducing costs. It provides a visual interface from document composition to delivery across multiple sites, systems, and processes, giving stakeholders real-time visibility, insights, and controls to optimize workflows and drive results. PRO Conductor integrates with all aspects of your Enterprise Output Management (EOM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems, delivering a highly personalized Customer Experience (CX) for both internal and external customers. Its low-code tool kit and ability to connect to virtually any system or software provides organizations with a modern, easy-to-use Automated Document Factory that offers visibility and auditability to the entire production process.


PRO Conductor is a true workflow integration platform and provides multiple benefits to your production workflow:

Increased efficiency: By integrating with your current and future systems and processes, PRO Conductor platform can automate tasks that were previously manual, reducing the time and effort required to complete them.

Improved data accuracy: With PRO Conductor, data can be synchronized in real time and shared seamlessly across different systems, reducing errors caused by manual data entry.

Enhanced visibility: PRO Conductor provides real-time visibility into all aspects of your business, from data receipt through your production workflows, enabling you to make informed decisions and respond quickly to issues.

Cost savings: PRO Conductor will help your organization reduce costs associated with manual processes and improve overall productivity by automating tasks and reducing error.

Scalability: As your business grows and evolves, PRO Conductor will help you scale your operations by easily adding new workflows, systems, and processes to your existing infrastructure.

Competitive advantage: By streamlining your operations and increasing efficiency, PRO Conductor will deliver you a competitive edge in your industry.

Business Challenge

  • Are you struggling with locating Print files and where in the process your jobs are
  • Is your production department missing SLA’s
  • Are Jobs being missed or printed twice because you do not have an intelligent Print management toolkit
  • Do you have Manual Processes and Steps in your workflows
  • Are you struggling with to many workflows and keeping up with what each department is doing with your mail production
  • Are you still emailing files to internal and External clients for Proofing and Approval
  • Do you staff login to your Print servers of Fiery Work stations with “Admin” or “Admin1”,
  • Are you being asked to implement a secure Print solution

Customer Success Story

Product Details

Dashboards for Greater Visibility and Control

Crawford Technologies PRO Conductor enables you to easily control multiple jobs, across multiple processes, clients, and sites. This means you can manage your entire workflow from one centralized location. With real-time status updates, you can monitor and improve SLA performance. This allows you to ensure that you are meeting your customers’ expectations and delivering high-quality work on time.

PRO Conductor also provides secure access that extends visibility to all internal and external stakeholders from proofing and approval through order management. This means that everyone involved in the process can easily track the status of their jobs, eliminating the need for constant updates and reducing the risk of errors.

With PRO Conductor, you can streamline your workflow and improve your operational performance, all while ensuring the security of your data. It’s a powerful tool that helps you take control of your production process and deliver the best possible results for your clients.

Hyperautomation Platform for Integration & Process Automation

The Drag n Drop GUI Based workflow builder is a user-friendly feature that lets you select and connect objects to APIs in just a few clicks, without needing the help of IT developers. This makes it easy o automate your data processing tasks, using the integrated workflow engine, without worrying about the technical details. You can also customize your workflows to match your business needs, streamlining your processes and increasing efficiency. Designing your workflows is made easier with the graphical user interface that is simple and intuitive to use. Plus, you can monitor the workflow progression and ensure that each step is executed correctly and on time. With these features, you can simplify your workflows and save time and resources in the process.

Enhance your production output

If you’re looking to improve your production output, here are some benefits that you can expect from using the right tool for the job.

First, dashboards provide a real-time view of all important job statuses, which can help you to keep track of what’s happening in your workflow and identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

Secondly, by automating your processes, you can eliminate errors that may be caused by manual input or human error. This not only helps to increase efficiency, but it also ensures that your output is of the highest quality.

Thirdly, with the ability to view file, document level, and page level output, you can improve the integrity of your output and ensure that all documents are produced exactly as they should be. This can be particularly useful in situations where accuracy is critical.

Finally, automated reprints can ensure that all pieces are processed accurately, which can save you time and reduce the risk of errors. Overall, by utilizing the right tool for the job, you can enhance your production output and streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency and quality.

Web Based Production Management

  • Monitor and control multiple client jobs, devices and sites through a single browser interface.
  • Automate reprint workflow for greater productivity and accuracy.
  • Optimize device utilization and operator productivity by combining or batching jobs.
  • Simplify, accelerate and track proofing and approval with web-based customer portal allowing you to move critical customer service activities to the end-user.

Increase Profitability with Real time access to Data

  • Automate manual processes, reduce bottlenecks and streamline workflows
  • Comprehensive centralized monitoring and tracking
  • Streamline client on-boarding and offer value-add services.

Operational & Document Tracking

  • Real-time enterprise level tracking of files, jobs, inventory and postage to drive greater productivity, SLA performance and quality
  • Integrate piece-level tracking to ensure accurate results and proof of processing
  • Customize dashboard views and reports to gain the actionable insights needed to increase utilization and productivity
  • Measure load profiles, operational efficiencies, system uptime and performance to streamline operations

Document Management & Content Services

  • Add document integrity and personalization without expensive and time-consuming upstream application changes
  • Efficiently manage CX and deliver multi-channel documents with intelligent preference management
  • Ensure compliant retention and support audit requirements with integrated production history archive
  • Quickly and accurately retrieve, transform and present content from multiple sources in desired format

With PRO Conductor, you can gain the visibility across your workflow leveraging your existing resources and applications. Rather than create from new, our CTI experts will partner with you to integrate your current systems to collect and consolidate all the data needed to control and manage your operation.

Current Integrations are:


  • Twilio
  • SendGrid
  • Jango
  • ExactTarget
  • StreamSend


  • Twilio


  • Efax

Document Composition

  • SmartComm
  • Quadient Inspire /GMC
  • OpenText Exstream
  • Xerox FreeFlow Core
  • Chili

Inserter and Integrity Tracking

  • Ironsides
  • BlueCrest - DFWorks
  • Bell and Howell
  • DRS - Previously Sensible Technologies
  • SMS Tru-Check
  • Pitney Bowes

Mail Tracking

  • USPS PostalOne
  • BCC

Shipment Tracking

  • UPS
  • Fedex

Web Server

  • CPU: 2-4 Cores
  • RAM: 8-16 GB
  • Disk: OS 250GB
    Storage 50GB
  • OS: Server 2016 or Newer
  • MS .NET 4.0 or Later
  • IIS 10.0 or Later

Database Server

  • CPU: 8 Cores
  • RAM: 32 GB +
  • Disk: OS 250GB
    Storage: 1TB (Fast Disk)
  • OS: Server 2016 or Newer
  • MS SQL Server 2019 Standard
  • SSRS Reporting

Application Server

  • CPU: 4 Cores
  • RAM: 16 GB +
  • Disk: OS 250GB
  • OS: Server 2016 or Newer
  • Tomcat 8/9.0 or later
  • Java 1.8 or Newer
  • MS .NET 4.0 or Later

Workflow Server

  • CPU: 8 Cores
  • RAM: 32 GB +
  • Disk: OS 250GB
    Storage 1TB (Fast Disk)
  • OS Server 2016 or Newer
  • PRO Conductor Apps
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Connectivity to App & Web Server

Transform Server (optional)

  • CPU: 4 Cores
  • RAM: 16 GB +
  • Disk: OS 250GB
  • OS Server 2016 or Newer
  • OS Oracle Linux 8.0 or Newer

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