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PDF Accelerator

PDF Optimizer drives Performance and Accelerates Results

Product Overview

CrawfordTech’s PDF Accelerator delivers performance enhancing, flexible optimization capabilities for the processing of large PDF files.  PDF Accelerator is an industry proven solution used to streamline and optimize PDFs for print, archival and e-delivery, ensuring increased performance, efficient asset and resource utilization and significant productivity gains.

PDF Accelerator is the ideal solution to quickly and easily address the challenges of problematic PDFs caused by poor document composition, faulty rendering algorithms, concatenation or repurposing files. Robust configuration and tuning capabilities ensure PDFs can be streamlined and optimized based on your specific requirements. These powerful capabilities can be implemented across many applications without configuration changes.

For print and mail organizations, PDF Accelerator solves the business challenges of efficiently managing the processing of large, complex PDF applications, including legacy applications. When combined with components such as our document re-engineering solution, Operations Express,  print changes and optimization are processed within a single pass, ensuring high volume operations can produce superior results at speed – maximizing asset utilization and operational efficiency.



Improve PDF processing performance

Standardize PDF structures and combines or eliminates duplicate resources for significantly faster processing and turnaround time.

Deliver high quality print results

Optimize images and graphics to meet the specific requirements of the target channel/delivery devices.

Flexible, high performance print processing

Optimize applications for processing on target devices at rated speed.

Save costs on PDF storage requirements

Minimize file sizes through compression, color management and streamlining fonts for fast viewing and reduced storage costs.

Business Challenge

To remain competitive and profitable, print and mail organizations are challenged to optimize productivity and reduce costs while managing a broad spectrum of print  applications. With the increased use of PDFs for the delivery of customer communications, organizations are having to manage and process complex transactional PDFs, including those that might be less than ideal.

Increasingly, this results in extended processing times, extended print windows or downtime, poor print quality, workflow delays, additional resource requirements, missed SLAs, etc. Organizations need purpose-built, flexible solutions that enable the efficient and cost-effective processing of any PDF printstream.

Customer Success Story

Print Service Provider Accelerates Complex PDF Processing

Wright Business Graphics, a leading West Coast print supplier, turned to Crawford Technologies help them meet aggressive SLAs with their complex PDF processing. See how they leveraged PDF Accelerator and Operations Express for high performance results and reduced processing times by 60%.

Wright Business Graphics logo

Product Details

Flexible, High Performance Capabilities

PDF Accelerator leverages highly configurable, proven transformation solutions to rapidly interpret, convert, and normalize existing PDF files into streamlined PDFs for printing, archiving or electronic presentment. It’s robust performance, size and quality optimization capabilities provide the flexibility needed to meet specific device, delivery type and operational requirements. When combined with components such as our document re- engineering solution, Operations Express, print changes and optimization are processed within a single pass, ensuring high volume operations can produce superior results at speed – maximizing asset utilization and operational efficiency.

  • Leverages intelligent resource management to reduce and reuse resources for smaller file sizes and to speed processing and archiving.
  • Deletes unnecessary resources and removes duplicate images to speed up download, retrieval and viewing.
  • Employs color management techniques to support print or electronic presentment delivery requirements.

Purpose Built, Industry Proven

PDF Accelerator solves the business challenge of the efficient management and processing of high volume, transactional PDF applications. It is a component of Crawford Technologies Output Management suite of solutions and integrates with our document re-engineering, QA, and workflow solutions to support print, archival and electronic document delivery requirements. It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequalled expertise with printstream processing to ensure quality, high-performance and cost-effective results.



Streamlined Fonts

1.46 GB down to 82 MB



Processing Time

7 hrs to less than 20 mins

Use Cases
  • Improve printer performance: optimize resources to achieve rated speed on target devices.
  • Accelerate file transfers: optimize file size to speed transfers
  • Multi-channel delivery: optimize PDFs, reduce file size and improve compatibility with different devices and platforms.
  • Archive Storage Efficiency: Compress PDF file size to reduce costly storage requirements and improve search and retrieval times
  • Outsource print to a print service provider that requires PDF files will all required resources embedded without
  • Web and mobile optimization: Reduce file size, improve loading time and enhance user experience.

PDF Accelerator integrates with our document re-engineering, QA, and production workflow automation platforms for print and electronic document delivery and can be invoked using an API (Java, .NET, C) as well as via command line and scripts. On Premise or SaaS implementation options are available for added business flexibility. It can be easily integrated into your systems by leveraging our enPower API Web Services.

PDF Accelerator is a component of Crawford Technologies' Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions. It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequaled expertise with PDF and printstream processing to ensure successful, cost-effective results.

Integration Options

  • Command Line
  • API
  • Scripts
  • Invoked with Java & .NET API, Command line, Workflows with PRO Conductor, scripts
  • Runs on all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, AIX,HP-UX, Solaris, z/ OS, Linux for System z.
  • Flexible implementation with CTI SaaS solution – PRO

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