Accelerate and streamline complex printstream manipulation

CrawfordTechs TurboFlow delivers new levels of performance and flexibility to accelerate high volume complex processing for all print formats, including PDF.  With TurboFlow’s advanced indexing capabilities, large print files can be split, re-sequenced and merged into multiple files, in any order, in one pass, resulting in up to 50% faster processing speeds.  This ensures communication providers can minimize resource requirements and maximize productivity to easily achieve aggressive SLA timeframes and increase operational efficiencies for all customer communications.

TurboFlow accelerates and streamlines challenging page sequence changes such as postal sorts, address cleansing, and merging of multiple print files using an external file that specifies the selection and re-sequencing details.  TurboFlow optimizes the printstreams, leveraging intelligent resource management to remove duplicate resources to ensure fast printing and archiving.


  • Meet tight SLA timeframes with processing speeds up to 10x faster than other solutions
  • Significantly reduce the time to split, merge and re-sequence large files in any order
  • Eliminate multi-pass processing and increase production capacity

Simplify Postal &
Operational Optimization

  • Simplifies efforts to reduce postage costs
  • Reduce resource requirements and extended work cycles
  • Optimize print and mail efficiencies

Increase Processing

  • Speeds many to many, one to many and many to one printstream processing
  • Add business building flexibility to offer new competitive services
  • Simplify communication delivery preferences via the right channel to ensure a positive Customer Experience (CX).

Organizations using TurboFlow have realized significantly increased operational productivity.  Challenged with time-consuming file splitting and document resequencing to meet postal sortation requirements, one customer leveraged TurboFlow and reduced their processing time by 99% - from 4hrs down to less than 2 mins.

TurboFlow is the ideal solution to support high volume postal and production optimization as well as multi-channel delivery requirements.

Postal Optimization

  • Single pass processing speeds complex splitting, merging and resequencing of multiple large files based on batch size, routes & weights to efficiently meet postal requirements
  • Easily manage householding and commingling  processes for deeper postal discounts

Production Optimization

  • Simplifies splitting files across multiple print centers to maximize asset utilization
  • Easily streams files based on page count or weight to optimize productivity on print and inserting solutions

Multi-Channel Delivery

Streaming Examples

One to Many:


Many to Many:


TurboFlow is a component of Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions.  It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequaled expertise with printstream processing to ensure successful, cost-effective results.  This solution can be invoked using an API (Java, .NET, C), command line and scripts and integrates with our eDeliveryNow Preference Manager, document re-engineering, QA and PRO Conductor production workflow solution for print and electronic document delivery.