Automate job onboarding with SmartSetup.  SmartSetup makes it easy to streamline the application onboarding process to help communication providers accelerate time to revenue.   By reducing the complexities of onboarding and migrating applications, operations will gain greater flexibility to rapidly onboard more business and achieve desired business outcomes.   Going beyond just identifying incoming data stream properties, SmartSetup leverages assistive technology to intelligently ingest the data in order to automate and streamline the normalization of applications into a generic print-ready workflow.

Efficient, Streamlined Onboarding

  • Assisted technology guides users through the automated gathering of key data elements and setup steps for job processing.
  • Interactive page viewer ensures accurate results allowing users to review results and provide verification
  • Automates and streamlines the normalization of jobs into a generic workflow-ready format.
  • Eliminates the need for skilled programmers in the job set-up and onboarding process

Greater Flexibility & Cost Savings

  • Enables quick turnaround for job onboarding or migration
  • Reduces costly production downtime, workflow complexities and delays
  • Reduces resource demands
  • Gather insights to drive greater process optimization

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