Smart MailHub

Safe, secure, smart small batch correspondence

Smart MailHub allows organizations to eliminate the costs, complexities and compliance risks of producing ad hoc and small batch business correspondence in the post-COVID Work From Home (WFH) environment.   It empowers remote employees and WFH staff to safely and securely submit documents for printing and mailing in the production print shop.  Smart MailHub is a timely solution for organizations needing to gain visibility and control over their ad-hoc, small batch business correspondence.

The secure, easy to use interface facilitates the preparation and delivery of business communications right from the desktop, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual handling processes.   Documents are sent to a ‘virtual” printer that leverages your centralized production facilities and processes to automate the quality printing, inserting, and fulfillment of critical correspondence.   High integrity, web-based document tracking and audit details ensure accuracy, provide proof of mailing and document archiving to mitigate compliance risks.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  • Quickly and securely submit documents from the desktop to the production print and mail operation
  • Increase efficiency using a centralized in-house or outsourced production facility
  • Enables stakeholders to easily view and track mail from creation to delivery
  • Deliver correspondence according to recipient preferences

Ensure Accuracy & Compliance

  • Eliminates compliance risks from mismanaged mailpieces
  • Built-in approvals ensure correspondence is accurately processed and is brand compliant
  • Securely tracks document status with web-based job tracking, audit and authorization functions
  • Automatically generate files for archiving

Reduce Costs

  • Reduces cost of printing and mailing documents from WFH and remote office locations
  • Minimizes labor and other costs of manual processing
  • Minimizes costly reprints and audit compliance costs
  • Realize greater postal savings

Simple, Safe, Secure

Submit documents from desktop

Centralize production for efficiency and integrity

Tracking for visibility and control

Smart MailHub also offers the opportunity for production print and mail operations to replace or grow volumes ensuring maximum asset utilization.

Smart MailHub is a component of Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions.  It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unmatched expertise to ensure successful, cost-effective results.  This solution easily integrates with existing print environments including document re-engineering, PRO Conductor production workflow solution and eDeliveryNow® platform for print and digital document delivery, as well as our AccessibilityNow® solutions.