PRO Viewer

View and Proof Print-ready Files with Ease & Accuracy

For communication providers, the process of viewing and proofing print can be a time-consuming challenge.  While it may seem convenient to use the various, readily available online tools for viewing output files, they frequently negatively impact productivity and quality and ultimately deliver inconsistent results.

PRO Viewer provides organizations with a high fidelity, multi-format PDL print stream viewer for the fast, flexible, and accurate viewing of production print streams such as AFP, Xerox Metacode, PCL, PostScript® and PDF.  PRO Viewer is the ideal solution for composition or document re-engineering projects, PDL migration efforts, QA checks, reprints and viewing content stored in archives while eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Increased Efficiency

  • Fast viewing for quick reprints or response to customer inquiries
  • Single tool for viewing multiple print file formats
  • Reduce review, proof, and approve cycle times

Greater Flexibility

  • View print files from archives and other repositories
  • Configurable for ‘print resolution’ view, ensuring dot-level fidelity
  • Copy specific pages or sections for review through email or other methods.

Increased Accuracy

  • All fonts, graphics, forms, and all other print file components displayed with complete accuracy and dot-level fidelity
  • Multiple viewing options to examine all page content for consistent layout and appearance.
  • Print to a local printer, in bitmap format, for initial proofing and review

Designed to meet the needs of document production managers, designers, quality assurance, and customer service, PRO Viewer interfaces with most current and legacy document workflows to deliver a consistent print stream viewing experience.

PRO Viewer Advantages

  • Lightning-fast viewing speed
  • True fidelity, including a dot-for-dot display mode, that provides a rich and highly accurate display of the file that would be sent to the printer
  • Supports all font types including double-byte formats
  • Displays document TLEs(AFP) or PPDs(PDF), NOPs and text elements
  • Provides multiple viewing and navigation functions
  • Automatically converts all resources and rendering commands to PRO Viewer’s screen display including fonts, forms, logos, images and color
  • Proof documents visually without having to print to an expensive production printer
  • Copy and paste specific pages or areas of pages for review through email or other methods. pasted output provides dot level fidelity