PRO Print Manager

Achieve Superior Output Management

PRO Print Manager provides print operations that process either transactional or marketing communications, a flexible and robust output management solution to support AFP/IPDS workflows (or driving AFP/IPDS printers.)  This cost-effective, scalable solution enables the full bi-directional control of IPDS printers resulting in a streamlined, optimized document workflow for managing both current and legacy applications.

With PRO Print Manager, print organizations can easily balance the demand for personalized, accurate and timely communications while leveraging existing assets to reduce costs, ensure compliance and increase productivity.  The easy-to-use interface enables centralized management and monitoring of IPDS print devices and print queues, simplified job submission and scheduling with convenient document viewing.

CrawfordTech's PRO Print Manager is the ideal solution to help maximize the capabilities of your printing systems to meet your current and future document requirements.

Flexible Production Control

  • Easy, efficient print queue control and management across all AFP/IPDS devices
  • Document viewing before, during and after for document integrity management
  • Device level job accounting and automated error recovery ensures accurate printing of all jobs
  • Full support for simplex and duplex printing

Intelligent Integration

  • Optimized for high volume transactional print operations to support AFP/IPDS workflows
  • Bi-directional communication ensures reliable output production with speed, accuracy and security
  • Automated reprinting and ADF integration ensure successful completion in the event of a printer fault or other print interruption
  • Highly configurable for legacy, modern and multi-vendor printer environments and devices
  • Fully integrates with the PRO Conductor system

Outstanding Performance

  • Increase production workflow performance with streamlined data delivery to the target device
  • Real-time transformation enables concurrent input and output processing to improve printer performance and job throughput
  • Optimize print resources for maximum levels of productivity
  • A robust and easy to use User Interface (UI) for job and job queue management

PRO Print Manager integrates seamlessly with CTI's proven output management solutions, including our document re-engineering and production workflow solutions, such as PRO Conductor, to further reduce workflow complexities and unlock increased levels of production efficiency and control.  Our CTI team will partner with you, leveraging their in-depth knowledge and expertise, to ensure successful, cost-effective results.