PRO Office

Convert and merge Microsoft® Office documents into PDF for archiving, printing and emailing

PRO Office is a powerful web service that enables organizations to convert and merge Microsoft Office and image files into a single, searchable PDF format to meet document archiving and PDF workflow requirements. With its easy-to-use utility, PRO Office simplifies the automatic conversion of large quantities of dissimilar content types into PDF or PDF/A files.

PRO Office is a centralized, server based solution that can be integrated into existing PDF workflows. It incorporates capabilities to scale, rotate and fit to page to simplify and speed converting documents to a single manageable PDF for easy distribution and output.

PRO Office is an ideal solution to help organizations that produce legal, financial, human resources and other important documents maintain compliance across the enterprise.

PRO Office creates searchable PDF documents for document workflows:

  • Convert MS Office documents to PDF or PDF/A formats.
  • Supports MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint format files as well as image format files, including HEIC.
  • Standardize document formats for web presentment or electronic delivery.
  • Combine documents for easy portability.
  • Add watermarks, overlays, and stamp output documents.
  • Advanced capabilities include redaction, document scaling, joining groups of associated documents into a single PDF and more.
  • Architected for high productivity including multi-threading capabilities.
  • Does not require an additional MS Office license.

The application runs on Windows and can be easily integrated with existing enterprise applications by leveraging our enPower APIs.  Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.

When used in conjunction with other Crawford Technologies products, PRO Office becomes a complete solution for solving your MS Office workflow requirements.