The Document Reengineering Service in the Cloud

PRO DocNow is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that adds flexibility to any print and mail operation by reengineering, optimizing and normalizing print and PDF files for superior print and finishing equipment utilization and increased operator productivity.

  • Limited IT Involvement
  • No Hardware and Administrative Expense
  • Secure Processing
  • Always available (24 X 7)
  • Pay Only for What You Need

Robust Document
Re-Engineering & Post-Composition


Lightning Fast Data Transforms


Workflow Enhancement

Made up of an on-premises service that watches for print files that are ready for processing, the Directory Monitor identifies and classifies print files, registers them in the audit database and sends them to the processing application in the cloud. Files are validated to ensure the complete file has been received, processed according to pre-defined specifications and the reengineered print file is returned to the Directory Monitor. The two components work in tandem to ensure error correction and recovery, complete files processing and extensive audit and reporting.


PRO DocNow provides

  • High-volume, robust, production rated solutions
  • Economical Pricing – pay only for what you need
  • Improves application onboarding
  • Scalability – Automatically scales to processing requirements.
  • Business continuity – built-in disaster recovery
  • Flexibility to you needs – additional functionality immediately available
  • Automatic updates – always run the most current version of the software