CrawfordTech’s PostScript® (PS) transform and conversion tools allow you to convert PostScript files to various output formats with superior performance and fidelity. With PRO PS, you can expand your capabilities to support archiving, enterprise content management systems, digital delivery and more without making expensive architecture changes.


PS to AFP converts print streams and resources from PostScript to AFP formats. Often, in today’s print service market, providers need to move applications from PostScript platforms to IPDS printers. This tool integrates seamlessly and eliminates the need to support both PostScript and AFP printer hardware and software.


PS to PDF converts PostScript print streams to PDF formats, delivering consistently high performance, and supporting the utilization of print applications in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.


PS to PDF/A is a cost-effective, platform-independent product that takes your production PostScript print streams and produces PDF/A-1b output ready to archive. This eliminates the technological, legal and regulatory challenges associated with storing and retrieving PostScript documents.

PS Normalization

PS Normalization interprets PostScript print files and resources and converts them into standard normalized PostScript files. These individual normalized files can then be printed directly to a printer, archived or converted into other formats to optimize applications for better throughout.

PS to Data

PS to Data lets you convert Postscript print files into data files, like XML and CSV, that can be used in common business and database applications.


PS to HTML is a powerful tool for PostScript printer customers who want to display the output of PostScript applications on the Web for both customers and staff. Dynamic conversion and ultra-high speed display and retrieval time allows you to easily leverage PostScript print files in interactive Web applications.

Other Formats

We also support other formats, such as PS to Text, PS to Image, PS to PCL, and PS to Metacode. These options allow you to dynamically convert mission critical documents from PostScipt into a format that can be used for various applications:

  • To use with document composition software as variable data, or to be stored in preexisting data storage applications.
  • For conversion to image files such as TIFF or PNG, creating representations that are perfect representations of the original legacy file.
  • To support PCL-based desktop printers.
  • To support Xerox high-speed printers