Our range of leading PCL transform and conversion tools allow you to convert PCL to various output formats at high speeds, with industry-leading fidelity.


PCL to PDF dynamically converts HP-PCL print files into standard PDF for use with desktops and browsers using Adobe’s Acrobat® Reader. This provides you with a way to move PCL print applications to the Internet or to archival/retrieval environments without making costly application changes.


PCL to PS provides a smooth migration path for PCL printer clients who want to move their applications to PostScript printers without making costly application and architecture changes. Output is optimized for production speed and performance and superior font handling and fidelity eliminates the need for duplicate printing infrastructure support

PCL Normalization

PCL Normalizer interprets PCL print files and resources and converts them into standard normalized PCL files. These individual normalized files can then be printed directly to a printer, archived or converted into other formats to optimize applications for better throughput.


PCL to AFP converts print streams and resources from PCL to AFP formats. Many solutions today can convert PCL to AFP, but the result is an AFP file that is very large and cumbersome and the print file cannot be indexed for archival and viewing. PCL to AFP performs an object-to-object transformation creating an optimized and compatible AFP file.

PCL to Text

PCL to Text is an ideal tool for customers who want to dynamically convert their documents from PCL format into text files. This allows you to convert legacy desktop printer data into a format that can be used with document composition software as variable data or stored in preexisting data storage applications.

PCL to Data

PCL to Data lets you convert PCL print files into data files, like XML and CSV, that can be used in common business and database applications. The software allows you to leverage the data value and information infrastructure associated common PCL print streams without incurring any IT modification costs


PCL to HTML is a powerful tool for those customers who want to display the output from new generation PCL applications on the Web for customers and staff, without making costly architecture changes. Documents can be displayed in standard browsers giving instant online access to agents and customers.


PCL to PDF/A is a cost-effective, platform-independent product that takes your production PCL print streams and produces PDF/A-1b output ready to archive. This eliminates the technological, legal and regulatory challenges associated with storing and retrieving PCL documents long term.

PCL to Image

PCL to Image is a valuable tool that allows PCL printer customers to utilize their applications in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems without making expensive architecture changes by converting PCL print streams to indexed high-fidelity image files such as TIFF or PNG formats.

PCL to Metacode

PCL to Metacode provides a way for organizations to print HP-PCL print applications on Xerox printers without making costly application and architecture changes. Superior resource handling brings the flexibility to map fonts and forms to any Xerox printer compact and optimized Metacode files that permit rated print speeds.