CrawfordTech’s AFP transformation and conversion tools help you convert AFP files to a wide range of output formats at high speeds, and with industry-leading fidelity. With PRO AFP, you can move your applications to a new printer, archive content, increase efficiencies, and expand capabilities without making costly modifications to your applications or architecture.


AFP to PDF interprets AFP print streams and resources and converts them into PDF. The software quickly converts all fonts for an accurate and clean look, can add full color graphics, web site links, java scripts and much more. AFP to PDF is also available in Java.


AFP to PDF/A is a cost-effective, platform-independent product that takes your production AFP print streams and produces PDF/A-1b output for archive.

AFP to Data

Convert IBM AFP print files into data files, such as XML and CSV, for use in common business and database applications. You can leverage the data value and technology infrastructure associated with high volume AFP print streams.

AFP Normalization

AFP Normalization interprets AFP print streams and resources and converts them into standard normalized AFP files to be printed or converted to other formats.


Dynamically convert AFP print streams into HTML5. Documents such as customer statements, bills, invoices, policies, and confirmations can be displayed in and printed from all standard browsers, giving customer service agents and customers instant online access to critical and timely information.

AFP to Postscript

AFP to PS interprets AFP print streams and resources and converts them into PostScript. This provides a smooth migration path, with superior font mapping and fidelity for AFP printer clients who want to move their applications to PostScript printers.

Other Formats

PRO AFP also supports AFP to Text, AFP to Image, and AFP to IJPDS. These options allow you to dynamically convert mission critical documents into formats that can be used for various applications:

  • To use with document composition software as variable data, or to be stored in preexisting data storage applications.
  • To integrate AFP mainframe print output into CICS transactions for display as text.
  • For conversion to image files such as TIFF or PNG, creating representations that are perfect representations of the original legacy file.
  • To support IJPDS printers.

Success Stories

GIP Reduces Costs and Expands Services

Gesellschaft für Innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH (GIP) is a managed service provider based in Germany that provides software and services to the public sector across Germany, providing solutions that aid the production of Human Resources (HR) documents for 2.5 million public servants. With CrawfordTech’s PRO AFP, they were automatically create files for electronic distribution and viewing, while archiving them in the ISO Standard PDF/A. The implementation allowed them to be more efficient and reduce costs, with the potential to save up to 2 billion pages per year.