Print Stream Transformations

Print Stream Transforms

Crawford Technologies’ award-winning PRO Transforms are flexible, fast and accurate print stream conversion solutions. Our PRO Transform technology is widely recognized for its processing speed, superior output fidelity, single-pass processing, platform independence and cost-effective implementation.

These enterprise utilities can be quickly implemented to convert existing print streams without document reprogramming or redesign.  This enables our customers to extend the value of their legacy document workflow, increase the flexibility and efficiency of their production operations, and maximize the latest technology developments.

  • Migrate legacy applications to a new format without reprogramming
  • Optimize print streams to increase throughput and fully utilize new printer technologies and capabilities
  • Repurpose print streams to support omnichannel customer communications.
  • Remediate documents for accessibility, ensuring compliance with new regulations

Supported Print Stream Transformations


Our print stream transformation solutions can be integrated in the cloud or on-premises leveraging our API and Web Services to provide you with the production flexibility you need, regardless of your environment or infrastructure.

  • Consider upgrading to PRO Transform PLUS, to enable not only conversion, but also indexing and splitting in one pass.
  • Learn more about our document remediation solution, AccessibilityNow Transactional and our solutions that personalize the electronic delivery of customer communications, eDeliveryNow


Move your applications to new printers, prepare content for archiving, increase efficiencies, and expand your capabilities.


Support new printers, optimize existing PDF files, prepare content for archiving, and expand your capabilities.


Convert PS to various output formats at high speeds, with industry-leading fidelity.

PRO Meta

Conversion tools allow you to convert DJDE, LCDS and Xerox Metacode to various output formats at high speeds, with industry-leading fidelity.


Conversion tools allow you to convert PCL to various output formats at high speeds, with industry-leading fidelity.

Responsive HTML

Converts any print stream to individual Responsive HTML5 pages that responds to the device that the content is presented on.

Print Stream Transform Enhancements

Redaction Express

Tools that help protect against the inadvertent and unintentional release of confidential information.

Duplicate Document Checker

Provides an innovative solution to manage the risk of duplicate documents in high-volume print production environments.

PRO Concatentator

Improves workflow and reduces processing costs by concatenating, merging, commingling and/or re-sequencing selected files.

PRO Designer

Powerful and easy-to-use tools at your fingertips to establish instructions for indexing, transforming and re-engineering documents.

Signed PDF

Easy-to-use tool that lets you automatically apply a digital signature to your PDF output that guarantees the authenticity of your documents.

PRO Lockdown

Provide additional document security when transmitting files with options to compress, index and encrypt entire file or individual pages.

Success Stories

A Print Services Organization Automates Production

This large print and mailing services provider turned to Crawford Technologies for help in automating their production processes. Producing over 1 Billion documents annually, they needed to accept and convert multiple input formats for print output, archiving and electronic presentment. CrawfordTech professional services worked with the customer to evaluate, recommend and implement a solution that resulted in a high performance, “hands-off” workflow, improving processing times by as much as 1000%.

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