PDF Accelerator

PDF Optimizer drives Performance and Accelerates Results

CrawfordTech's PDF Accelerator delivers performance enhancing, flexible optimization capabilities for the processing of large PDF files.  PDF Accelerator is an industry proven solution used to streamline and optimize PDFs for print, archival and e-delivery, ensuring increased performance, efficient asset and resource utilization and significant productivity gains.


Organizations using PDF Accelerator have realized impressive results.

Processing Time

7 hrs to less than 20 mins

Streamlined Fonts

1.46 GB down to 82 MB

PDF Accelerator is the ideal solution to quickly and easily address the challenges of problematic PDFs caused by poor document composition, faulty rendering algorithms, concatenation or repurposing files. Robust configuration and tuning capabilities ensure PDFs can be streamlined and optimized based on your specific requirements. These powerful capabilities can be implemented across many applications without configuration changes.

  • Improve PDF processing performance
  • Deliver high quality print results by optimizing images & graphics to specific delivery type requirements
  • Ensure high performance print processing by optimizing applications for the target usage
  • Easily compress PDF file size and reduce storage requirements

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For print and mail organizations, PDF Accelerator solves the business challenges of efficiently managing the processing of large, complex PDF applications, including legacy applications. When combined with components such as our document re-engineering solution, Operations Express,  print changes and optimization are processed within a single pass, ensuring high volume operations can produce superior results at speed - maximizing asset utilization and operational efficiency.

PDF Accelerator integrates with our document re-engineering, QA, and production workflow automation platforms for print and electronic document delivery and can be invoked using an API (Java, .NET, C) as well as via command line and scripts. On Premise or SaaS implementation options are available for added business flexibility.

PDF Accelerator is a component of Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management suite of solutions. It leverages our in-depth knowledge and unequaled expertise with PDF and printstream processing to ensure successful, cost-effective results.

Success Stories

Print Service Provider Accelerates Complex PDF Processing

Wright Business Graphics, a leading West Coast print supplier, turned to Crawford Technologies help them meet aggressive SLAs with their complex PDF processing. See how they leveraged PDF Accelerator and Operations Express for high performance results and reduced processing times by 60%.

A Large Print Service Provider Optimizes PDF Files

As most print service providers know, not all PDF files are created equal. Despite being based on an ISO standard, many “print ready” PDF files are poorly formed, and can take too long to process, hurting profitability and risking customer SLA’s. This customer used CrawfordTech technology to normalize and optimize their incoming PDF files, integrated with their existing system to create an automated end-to-end workflow. The result was a remarkable 2000% increase in throughput.