Operations Express

Power Up Your Post Composition Document Re-Engineering

Communication providers need robust, flexible solutions to streamline and accelerate their document processing and production workflows. Operations Express is an advanced post composition solution for re-engineering and enhancing existing high volume print streams, eliminating the need to make expensive and time-consuming application changes upstream.  This means providers can easily streamline operational processing, accelerate deployment and maximize efficiencies to be more agile, expand their capabilities and services and improve revenues.

Reduce Costs

  • Streamline & automate workflows
  • Increase operational efficiencies & productivity
  • Minimize postal spend

Integrity & Compliance

  • Ensure content accuracy with piece level tracking
  • Generate Proof of Mailing for audit purposes
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Elevate CX

  • Modernize legacy applications
  • Easily add engaging color & personalized messaging
  • Repurpose (or prepare) content for multi-channel delivery

Greater Flexibility

  • Cloud, Hybrid, On-premise deployment
  • Supports any to any PDL processing
  • Scalable and upgradeable

Operations Express makes it possible to mine and extract valuable data within documents to generate barcodes, create custom index files, MRDF files and external files that can be used to streamline processes and make workflow management more efficient. It also works with PRO Designer, a GUI for rapid editing and configuration, to provide instructions to our lightning-fast transformation engine.

Chosen by industry-leading organizations, Operations Express incorporates comprehensive capabilities proven to meet the most challenging processing requirements.

Operations Express Document Re-Engineering & Enhancement Capabilities

Production Optimization

Increase Operational Productivity & Cost Savings

  • Optimize print files & PDFs to speed processing and reduce costs
  • Normalize printstreams for streamlined workflows and fast onboarding
  • Split printstreams by envelope size to optimize insertion
  • Concatenate files for greater uptime and efficiencies

Production Optimization

  • Optimize poor performing files
  • Segment large files
  • Combine small files
  • Define, extract and merge data from external files
  • Move Address block & barcodes
  • Normalize print files
  • Create Index Records
  • Read & Add TLEs or PPDs
  • Split files by envelope size / geography
  • Page order resequencing
  • Add Printserts


Print Control

High performance, robust, printstream processing & control

  • Lightning-fast, any to any, complex print file or PDF conversion
  • Reduce expense of pre-printed shells with digital overlays
  • Transform applications from 1-up to N-up to increase productivity & efficiency
  • Accurate, efficient print and finishing

Print Control

  • Print file conversion
  • Convert paper tray pulls to overlays
  • Add pages
  • Suppress pages
  • Add Slitter or Burster marks
  • Add Dynamic Perforation control
  • Add paper tray feeds
  • 1-up to N-up & Imposition


Integrity & Tracking

Accurate document assembly & end to end workflow tracking

  • Deliver accurate communications replacing low integrity OMR marks with high integrity barcodes
  • Enable end to end piece-level tracking leveraging document data to generate inserter control files (i.e. MRDF)
  • Implement a “Touch & Toss” workflow to eliminate errors due to manual intervention

Integrity & Tracking

  • Add, delete or change barcodes
  • Replace OMR marks with high integrity barcodes
  • Generate Inserter control files (i.e. MRDF) for piece-level tracking
  • Add selective inserter controls


Postal Optimization

Accurate mailings and maximum discounts

  • Maximize postal densities and reduce postal spend
  • Ensure accurate mailings with address validation & standardization
  • Maximize productivity with job commingling

Postal Optimization

  • Address validation & standardization
  • Move Update/NCOA processing
  • CASS/PAVE processing
  • Postal Barcode addition
  • Postal Sorting
  • Householding & Commingling


Transform CX

Enhance & Modernize Communications

  • Easily change fonts to support all preferred delivery formats – print, web, accessible
  • Personalize communications with valuable relevant messaging or offers
  • Highlight critical information with engaging color & images

Transform CX

  • Move elements
  • Update Fonts
  • Add variable Color, Images and Logos
  • Add inline color to eliminate pre-printed shells and leverage production color presses
  • Add personalized marketing messages
  • Whitespace management



Compliant, agile archiving and storage

  • Easily create index files for fast search and retrieval of archived documents
  • Remove print related objects for digital viewing
  • Digitally burst individual documents


  • Create Index files
  • Extract data from PDF and print files
  • Remove barcodes (or print related objects)
  • Convert to PDF or PDF/A
  • Digital bursting


Data Security

Secure, compliant data and communications

  • Secure PDF content at the document level with innovative digital authentication signature
  • Redact or scramble sensitive PII/PHI data during testing
  • Secure storage and transfer with file or page level digital encryption

Data Security

  • Redact sensitive data
  • Digitally encrypt files for storage and transfer
  • Add encryption at the file and page level
  • Add digital signatures to PDF output for additional security



Manage & deliver communications across all channels

  • Provide a seamless, cohesive multi-channel experience
  • Easily create mobile-ready and accessible compliant communications
  • Replace print-related objects with digital capabilities


  • File creation for multi-channel distribution
  • Create accessible WCAG and PDF/UA output
  • Create responsive mobile-ready documents
  • Split files into individual documents for viewing
  • Add digital capabilities
  • Remove e-only documents


Data Mining and Acquisition

Unlock valuable insights and improve CX

  • Extract actionable data from your print files and PDFs to streamline workflows and offer valuable services
  • Mine valuable data to improve customer support and CX
  • Leverage document data to enhance and personalize communications

Data Mining and Acquisition

  • Extract actionable data from your print files and PDFs
  • Mine valuable data into XML, CSV, JSON, and user defined data formats
  • Leverage document data to personalize marketing offers and messaging


Operations Express Workflow

Operations Express along with our workflow management solution, PRO Conductor and all the DTE components bring speed, scalability and reliability to communication processing and delivery. It fits into any system architecture easily and reliably, and works with most common print streams, including AFP, Xerox, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and others.

The application runs on a wide variety of platforms including z/OS, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, and Windows and can be easily integrated by leveraging our enPower APIs. Flexible deployment options are available including our SaaS solution, PRO DocNow, CrawfordTech’s secure Document Re-engineering solution in the cloud.


Success Stories

A Financial Solutions Provider Automates Their Workflow

This large company provides financial benefits solutions such as disability, life, health and accident insurance to 30 million people directly as well as through more than 150,000 brokers in the UK and the US. They rely on inkjet technology to produce and mail statements and other material, and deal with very high volume and regulatory driven SLAs. Their goal was to be more efficient with a solution that would integrate their existing postal optimization software and their production workflow for an end-to-end automated workflow.

Enhance Operations Express with these additions

PRO Concatenator

Concatenate, merge, commingle and/or re-sequencing selected files into a single optimized print production file.


Turbo charge your processing! Sort and merge print files in a fraction of the time of other solutions.

PRO Lockdown

Robust solution for the secure archiving and retrieval of transactional customer communication documents.

Dynamic Document Archive

High performance software product designed specifically for the archiving and retrieval of transactional customer communication documents.

Transpromo Express

Place targeted messages and customized advertising into common customer-facing transactional documents.

PRO Designer

Quickly configures how fully composed files will be processed to deliver specific printed or digital output.


Streamline the application onboarding process to help communication providers accelerate time to revenue.

eDeliveryNow® Preference Manager

Capture, store and manage customers’ preferred communication channels.

Learn More about generating mobile ready and accessible formats.