QA Now

Fully Automated Document Testing

QA Now provides organizations with a fully automated QA solution to ensure the accuracy of critical customer communications. This robust solution enables the reliable and cost-efficient management of document-related QA testing processes.

QA Now makes it easy to schedule test runs for documents based on your specific QA needs, reducing the risks associated with inadequate or inconsistent testing. Testing status and results can be monitored and viewed through an intuitive web-based dashboard for a quick visual assessment.


Greater Efficiency

Cost Savings

QA Now is ideal for organizations needing a scalable, cost-effective and fully automated solution to manage QA testing of critical customer communications.

  • Reduce costly errors with robust quality control process
  • Mitigate regulatory non-compliance risks
  • Reliably maintain faster release cycles
  • Ensure efficient utilization of quality assurance resources
  • Improve CX and save time recovering from costly customer communication errors

QA Now provides the flexibility for testing any application – composition, post-composition and more. Users can load an unlimited number of test cases to ensure the accuracy of every document that leaves their environment.

  • Regression testing of new CCM software releases, application design and setup changes for CCM components or application program changes
  • Testing migrations from one system to another
  • Verification of outsourcing/insourcing results
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Initial application testing
  • Rate table change testing

Make document-related QA testing easier with a robust solution:

  • Automated file comparison & testing cycles
  • Unlimited test suites/cases
  • Differences visually highlighted
  • Web-based Dashboard to monitor status
  • Optional redaction of test file data (or test data files)
  • On premise deployment

CrawfordTech QA Suite

CCM QA Suite Overview

Ensure documents are accurate and compliant while reducing resource demands and increasing productivity. Integrate with any environment so you can automate document QA processes, ensure documents are accurate and compliant, reduce the risk of ineffective testing while saving your organization valuable time and money.
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QA Now

Automate and streamline document Quality Assurance for all your Customer Communications. Monitor changes to your CCM software and document templates and reduce the risk of inadvertent errors.
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PRO Quick Compare

Efficient, cost-effective document QA utility that optimizes and simplifies the testing and remediation of documents to ensure quality customer communications and a positive CX.
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PRO Conductor Proof and Approve

Users and operators can view, approve, hold or reject a job or individual records within a job for a given production workflow. Additional information can be added to a job to support approval processes and all actions taken are fully tracked/available for audit.
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Review and Release

Reduce errors with an easy- to use review, hold, and release of inaccurate or unwanted documents within print files. Production staff can quickly and visually select pages that need to be extracted or removed ensuring accurate communications are sent to production.
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AccessibilityNow® Validator

Document accessibility validation program that reports on the level of compliance. This can be done on a document-by-document basis so when you are remediating documents you can ensure that you have done things correctly and completely.
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